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Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. He continues that there were three genders: man, woman and the “Androgynous”. Each with two sets of genitalia with the Androgynous having both male and female genitalia. The men were children of the sun, the women were children of the earth and the Androgynous were children of the moon, which was born of the sun and earth. It is said that humans had great strength at the time and threatened to conquer the gods. The gods were then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning as they had done with the Titans but then they would lose the tributes given to the gods by humans. Zeus developed a creative solution by splitting humans in half as punishment for humanity’s pride and doubling the number of humans who would give tribute to the gods. These split humans were in utter misery to the point where they would not eat and would perish so Apollo had sewn them up and reconstituted their bodies with the navel being the only remnant harkening back to their original form. It is said that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken understanding of one another, that they feel unified and would lay with each other in unity and would know no greater joy than that.



I hate myself.. I’m hurt 
Miss you too much 😭

Is not so much your own self you should hate, this part of you is innocent.

Maybe what you should hate is your mind, or the degree of power you let your mind force upon and over your very own self,

Stubborn steadfastness to achieve goals, oh I know.

Is true you is hurt. wounding and bleeding.
คุณเป็นผู้ข่มขืนและเป็นคนที่ถูกข่มขืน แล้ววันนี้และหวังว่าวันพรุ่งนี้ไม่ได้ชีวิตต่อไปและไม่มาก

Fully self inflicted punishment on your own Soul.
เป็นความจริงที่คุณทำร้าย การกระทบกระทั่งและการตกเลือด

Wake Up..

Your mind is acting/forcing it self….. upon your own soul/self.
ใจของคุณกำลังทำหน้าที่ / บังคับให้ตัวเอง ….. เมื่อชีวิตของคุณเอง / ตัวเอง

You is your own rapist and the one who is being raped.
Then, Now and hopefully not tomorrow, not next life and no more.
คุณเป็นผู้ข่มขืนและเป็นคนที่ถูกข่มขืน แล้ววันนี้และหวังว่าวันพรุ่งนี้ไม่ได้ชีวิตต่อไปและไม่มาก

Your mind is not hurt at all.

The few words you continue to use, shows clearly you is not surrender, you not remove any weapons, all defences your mind has used against me (and you) for months are still being held between us, even right now you hold same same position as your real self bleeds a mess on the floor, you dare not let her speak still.

Your own mind blocks me.

hear me please.

(mind) shut up, you is wrong. Karp

Not is wrong simple determination of mind, this is after all what creates Will.

Is beyond belief, just how much you can do when you set yourself to task is also something amazing. I know one day you will get a grip on this and use it more wise, as at present you let your mind control but silly it not know what is, like your soul does. Mind is meant to be servant of your self, not over and above it.

You carry a force of will, stronger than any man, woman or child put together. (Unique and Admirable I find this quality)

Is true and what is also true this is my millionth attempt to craft the perfect letter that allows your mind to glimpse what you own soul knows already and has always just known for like forever.

Attributes of the Match Bearer



“The Attributes of the Match Bearer.”

These are the ones who sit in front of me right now and who are reading this message.

There are two areas of concern that you come in with [arrive on the planet]. There are two sets of questions you carry as you sit in the chairs. The first set of questions are all about yourself, as they should be. You ask, “How I can get from A to B and become better at what I’m here for? How I can live longer?” You might ask, “How I can eliminate drama in my life? How I can be healthier?” The second part is, “What am I doing for the planet?” These questions aren’t really something that come in pairs. The second one requires a confluence of energy for old souls who want to know how they can stay longer and do the work that they came for. If you would interview everyone here in the chairs, they would have a different answer for what their work is about. But they wouldn’t be here if they had not asked the second question.

So we’re going to be quite generic and yet fairly specific. We’re going to give you concepts that you haven’t thought of – the reason you are here, old soul. Right now, especially now, the reason you are here is to hold light in dark places. You’re not here to try to evangelize or change any other Human Being to what you believe, for belief is not the issue. The vibration of the planet is the issue. It can only be changed with a consciousness that is pure. It’s not just in what you believe. It is in the being and not the doing. It is being light, for as you walk around with illumination, you change that which is dark.

You might say that you take the new energy where the old energy used to be, and that changes everything around you. That is your entire purpose. So we’re going to be specific here in a moment. We’re going from the big to the little, and the first is this metaphor, even before I start the teaching. Again, dear ones, for the ones in the room and for the ones specifically who are reading this message right now, I see you.

One of the attributes of God is that there is no time. If you are listening at this moment to this recording, or reading this message anywhere, it’s the now. That is how time is for me. It is not just for the souls in front of me, for those old souls in front of me here are in a three-dimensional state on a linear track of time. It’s critical for them to live their lives in a succinct way. But not me. So the potential of your ears hearing this was known to me as something you might do. I know you’re here. I know you’re listening and reading. This may be hard for you to understand, since you might say, “If God cannot tell the future,” you might say, “then Kryon, how did you know I would be listening or reading?” That answer is easy because the potential of your doing so was so strong, I knew you’d do it.

I sit in front of a group of approximately 100 souls. Now, I knew when they made their decision to come. I knew the potentials of them finding out about the meeting. I knew even those who found out yesterday. I knew. For the potentials of this energy is what is in the quantum soup that I have spoken about so often. Not the future, but the potentials. This allows us to bring forward an entourage that is then complimentary of those who sit in the chairs, of the old souls and their lives, of their lessons. It even drives the subject of the channels. We wait for you to come and sit before us, dear ones, way before we really know what we’re going to say and what we’re going to do. So I know you and I thank you for being here. This is your time on the planet.

The Light and Dark Metaphor

Let us begin the teaching. The metaphor has been given over and over. Imagine that there is a room full of entities called humanity who walk around in darkness. So the metaphor here is spiritual darkness. The Humans don’t know who they are or why they are. They have no concept that they are part of the creative energy of God. They follow whatever is given to them and whatever doctrines they learn about when they are young. They find God in whatever corner they can. Some find God profoundly, and some do not. Many go through the motions and never understand any more than the motions.

Seemingly in the dark, they often bump into one another. Some of them bump into another and become angry… a war starts. That’s what happens in the dark when you can’t really see what’s going on apart from what you know about yourself. Therefore, what is always going on is apart from you and is always a mystery. Therefore, there is drama. Therefore, there is conspiracy and mistrust. Being in the dark creates war. Being in the dark creates separation and hatred. Being in the dark creates fear and anxiety.

But now, as the metaphor continues, there is one in the darkness who knows who they are. You might say that the attribute of this person is our Match Bearer. This person bears with them the ability to create light. Small as it might be, this person has a match. In a fully darkened room, one lit match is interesting, for it creates light enough to see dimly for everyone, so that one Match Bearer in that darkened room, on their own, decides to light it. The reason? It’s to study their own spirituality, their own self-worth, to light their match to see themselves better.

So they light it for themselves so that they can take the hand of the Higher-Self and discover who they are. Therefore, they light their match. And in the process of lighting that match, they illuminate (very dimly) the rest of the room. Suddenly, Humans can see one another and they like it! They see family! Fear starts to go away. Understanding what is next to you creates understanding and peacefulness. There’s less distrust. Some actually look for where the light has come from. Many don’t.

The attribute of the light of the Match Bearer is similar to the lighthouse that stands by the sea, which we have given you before. The lighthouse stands alone, all by itself. It shines a light that others may or may not see, that steers them into safe harbors by their own choice, since they have the rudder of choice on their own ship of life. The Match Bearer is sitting with the match, has illuminated it for themselves, yet it affects all around them in a positive way.

The Match Bearer says nothing. Those around this person may not know his/her name. They may not even know she has lit a match! All they know is they can now see! Some of them start looking for the match in themselves and they begin to slowly light their own matches, and the room becomes brighter. The brighter the room becomes, the more is seen and is not a mystery, and the further a Human Being can see past themselves and their immediate family, the more understanding there is, the more peace there is. This is the attribute of the planet as we see it right now.

We have made the statement over and over that less than one half of one percent of the planet must strike the match for there to be peace on Earth. Now you know the reasoning behind that. It means that there could be Human Beings all over the planet who never strike a match, who don’t believe anything that you believe, yet they still participate. They participate in your light.

This is difficult, perhaps, for you to grasp – how one small match would make a difference. But it does. So in this room and listening to me now and reading these words are Match Bearers. How do I know that? Because I know you. Oh, human being. There are warriors in this room; there are stories that would make your hair stand on end. There are heroic actions and joy. There is sorrow beyond belief; there is gratitude. Everything that you can imagine has ever happened to a Human on the planet is here right now. Some of the greatest dramas ever presented on Earth, you participated in. Some of the most heroic actions any Human Being can do for another, you’ve done. Some of the suffering that never should have occurred on the planet, you’ve experienced. Some of the greatest celebrations that the planet has ever seen were about you.

The Variety of the Old Soul Energy

There are men here who have given birth! This is because their gender is different today than it was then. There are women who have worn the battle armor because their gender was different when they wore it. Old souls take turns, you know? Here is something I’m going to tell you now, and I want you to listen because this is a concept you don’t think of often. Humans tend to stay in family groups for a very, very long time through many incarnations. They stay in cultures for a very, very long time as well. Oh, you may move around once you’re born, but you can’t change your blood, can you? You can’t change where you came from no matter where you move to, can you? You may sit in a chair today in America but it can’t change where you’re born. So what I want to talk about is outside the purview of three dimensions. This means it’s outside of your understanding of the way things work, or how you think about your ancestors, relatives, and ancestry in general. It’s different than you perceive how things work. So now we’re going to talk about your parents, your grandparents, and their parents. We’ll go back 100 years or more.

The Timing of the Shift

My partner spoke today of fractal time. He gave you examples of how time is actually in a circle that makes no sense in three dimensions as you perceive it. But it is the way of things in a multidimensional world [using the word quantum to mean that]. Your own science is starting to understand and participate in the belief that time may very well be in a circle and may have what they would call fractals or a predictable cycle of potential influence that occurs on a regular path as you transverse the circle of time. These potentials can be computed, and so they sit there even without those to give them an esoteric prediction, those who have the calendars of old. The calendars reflect the cycle of time.

We have discussed with you that the Mayans had a system in their observatories besides pure astronomy. Like many of the ancients, they used their intuition to develop systems around the calendar that were the esoteric [spiritual] of the study of time fractals and predictions of potentials used even today. We told you that you are in a 36-year window representing the precession of the equinoxes, the center of that time window, which is 2012. We told you this 36-year event is what you have called the 2012 Galactic Alignment energy, and also what you have called The Great Shift. If this is so, this means it was predictable – and many predicted it. Also, if this is so, it means it was expected, and the potentials of the expectations are upon you now.

A Quantum Meeting of Your Own Ancestors

Let me take you to the other side of the veil where there is no time. Remember, we are not in linear 3D on my side. We are in a multidimensional state, which we often call a quantum state, using still another metaphor of real physics that means, “outside of 3D.” On the other side of the veil, I want to tell you about meetings that have taken place and are still taking place. When there is no time, there are only potentials. When there are only potentials, even the past, present, and the now are blurred to you. They are blurred because you have a 3D filter. The future is not known, but the potentials of what you might do are and the strength of the potentials are generated by your consciousness and what happens today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Come with me to the meeting of your parents and grandparents, for they represent souls just like yours. Like you, they are a piece of the God Creator. Even if they never awakened to examine that fact while on Earth, they are NOT on Earth for this meeting. Let’s go to this meeting where they are, even now, right now.

“Wait a minute, Kryon! My parents are still alive. They can’t be in a meeting on the other side of the veil.” For us, they’re still in that meeting, because part of your soul energy is on the other side of the veil all the time, dear one. What do you think your Higher-Self is? It is the energy of your own personal, angelic form. The metaphor we like to give is that one foot is on the other side of the veil all the time, and one foot is in 3D. The entire duality issue and the test of your life is to open the door and see that, and to take the hand of that which is your Higher-Self. Your Higher-Self has been the same Higher-Self every single time you’ve been on Earth, the same one occupying the different Human bodies of your many incarnations. There is a commonality through the ages. Do you see it now? No matter how many past lives you’ve had, no matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, the same Higher-Self is there. It’s your core. Now, do you start to understand why you would want to connect with it?

Birth of the Match Bearer

Come to this meeting with me, metaphorically, and watch. Your grandparents are there, too. They are looking at everything with the mind of God, which is theirs while they are in the meeting. They’re not in 3D; they’re in that perfect place, which the Creator energy represents beyond anything you can imagine. Although there is no individuality or singularity with the parts of God, and although these in the meeting are part of a collective quantum group, the essence of the potential of who they’ve been and who they will be are still represented there. I don’t ask you to understand this. I just ask you to see it with me. All their past lives are there with them.

Now, in what you call your past, I’m going to tell you what they said:

“We’re coming into the planet. We’re going to be there in a lower energy, and we will try to shine as much light as we can, but it may not be much. We might never awaken,” they’re saying. “Because it’s not time,” they’re saying. “But we see the potential of the Galactic Alignment looming. We see the 36-year window is coming. We may not even be alive.” they say. But they are planning on coming anyway. They are old souls and have something to do: Plant seeds.

“So, why are they coming to the planet while there is an old energy?” you might ask. Here is the answer: They’re coming to the planet – your grandparents, all four of them – so they can give birth to your mom and dad. Now, your mom and dad are also in the meeting as well – and by the way, so are you! So are your children. Do you understand this? You are all part of the collective and parts of you never leave it, even though you are here, walking on Earth. Within that quantum meeting, there is no linear time, only potentials of time. This is tough for a linear thinker to grasp.

Listen: Your grandparents, parents, and you are agreeing as your ancestors speak: “We are going to go through this so the timing is proper that our children will be born in the shift.”They know what the potentials are and they need to make certain that it is YOU who arrived during this time. I could go back even further than your grandparents.

If it’s true that the timing of the shift is known in advance, since it is part of Gaia, and also the cycles of the earth, then it’s a system and not random. This means the planning of the potentials of the souls who occupy your ancestors, as well as you and your children, line up perfectly so that your cellular structure has the bloodline it does and the Akashic records it has. Did you ever think of this? You might even start to realize that you may actually be “old soul specialists,” here at the perfect time.

Let’s again talk of your parents, as we have done before. They may say, “We’re going to come to the planet, meet each other, and give birth to this soul, an old soul [many incarnations on the earth], one of the oldest souls possible, even older souls than our ourselves. We may never awaken. But this is our chore to go into the planet. We can’t hold much light. We may even criticize those we birth. We may even throw them out of the family! We may even abuse them. The old energy may completely hide all of this current divine intent from us, but that’s why we’re going, so that our children will be the ones with the wisdom of the potential of an awakening. They will be The Match Bearers.”

Now, we stop to remind you that there is no predestination. So again, this is a planning meeting of potentials, not contracts. However, Human Beings incarnate into karmic groups, so the attraction and synchronicity often plays out to enhance the overwhelming chances that they will indeed meet each other and come together to birth you.

The Match Bearers, as in the metaphor above, are the ones born in this time who can metaphorically light a match in the old energy darkness and illuminate the planet. Did you ever think of that? Your parents came together on purpose. Oh, I know you’re going to say, “Wait a minute, Kryon, you don’t know my parents. I don’t think they have that consciousness in them.” Maybe not on this side of the veil, dear ones, but do you understand what I’m saying? With the mind of God, they came in saying, “We probably won’t wake up. We won’t remember this planning session or even believe it was possible. The old energy will keep us from seeing. But we’re going to have a child that’s a Match Bearer, a very old incarnate soul on this planet. That’s why we’re here.”

That’s why your grandparents came in and their grandparents came in as they did. The lineage is there for you to see. The potentials are there to see, and you sit in the chair today listening to this channelling because it all worked together, and here you are, Match Bearer.

Attributes of the Match Bearer

Let’s talk about the match that you hold, dear one. I’m speaking to the match bearers who are here, who are reading. Wherever you create light, in any situation through your own individual actions, the energy you create changes the energy of Gaia where you walk. It changes that which is quantum around you. The whole earth knows you. If you awaken, the whole earth knows you have done so. Gaia knows you. You walk into the forest alone with the trees, they know you. The animals know you. God knows you. I know you. It’s why you came. It’s what you’re feeling now that brings you here. It’s why you sit in the chairs, and why you came today.

You might say, “What is different about me? What am I feeling in this lifetime? Why is there a feeling that I have to do something?” Well, wake up, Match Bearer, because this is your destiny. With free choice, you will illuminate your life to the point where all around you know who you are, or at least feel your light.

So let me ask you about your family. I’m going to ask you about your immediate family, your blood family. How are you treating them? There are some who will say, “Well, let’s not bring them into this, because I don’t like them very much.” That’s why the drama circles all the time, dear one. You continue, “I do my best, but I don’t like them very much. But I sure am stellar when I go to New Age meetings. I love everybody there, every one of them.” [Laugher] Yes, but I didn’t ask you that. It’s easy to get along with others like you. It’s because you all have a light! No, I’m talking about you alone in the dark, by yourself. I want to know how you’re treating your family.

Let me tell you how the Match Bearer sees family, immediate family. They look past the abuse; they look past the drama; they look and see what has been done for them. They may even say to Spirit, “Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life and for knowing on the other side of the veil that I can change the planet. Thank you for what you’ve done in that planning session. No matter what the words have been or the slings and arrows and the abuse and the names I’ve been called, I honor you.” Now, is that you?

You come into relationships; you grow; the relationships sometimes change; you stay in them for a long time; they change again. Now, let’s say there’s drama in that relationship. Remember, this is not a blood relative; it’s an elective. Do you think there is a possibility they were in another meeting? This becomes a bit ponderous to think about, doesn’t it? So how do you see these in this relationship? No matter what the words have been, no matter what the actions were, no matter what the betrayals were, no matter what goes on today, the Match Bearer looks at them and says, “This is a creature of God designed to give me lessons and to push me out of the nest. Maybe the lesson is even to give me a kick in the pants so I can have compassion for the rest of humanity. Thank you, God, for them.” That’s what the Match Bearer says. Can you do that?

The Match Bearer has the light of God, and you may say, “Well, you’re just describing Mother Teresa! I’m not sure I can do any of those things. This is a hard call, Kryon, because you really don’t know what happened in my life… what has gone on with those around me and my family.” Oh, yes, I do. You see, I was there. And by the way, so were all the seeming angels you carry around with you. Why didn’t you take their hands when they had them outstretched? I know who’s here! You always want to do it alone, don’t you? You’d better be listening, my partner, because this is for you, too. You always want to do it alone – all that help that’s around you, yet you always want to do it alone. We know who did what to whom. We were there at every step.

The attributes of the pure Match Bearer are to push love. They have tolerance for every single Human Being who they come into contact with. They assume love is present in every situation. They create light.

I want to tell you about dark and light, yet again. If you’ve got a light lit, darkness cannot invade you. How can darkness, which has no energy at all, be around and invade you when you’re holding the light? Darkness, as defined, is the absence of light. Some Lightworkers have a strange 3D concept that says, “I don’t want to go there because the darkness may get me. I’m very careful where I go. I don’t want to go around these people because they have dark energy.” Why don’t you go there and shine your light in their lives, oh courageous one? Are you only going where there is other light? Do doctors go to work and only see doctors?

How do you treat your family? When you go to work, what goes on there? I can hear the verbiage now: “I’ve got the worst boss in the world. This is one who delights in torturing us with tasks that make no sense at all just to make work for us. This boss doesn’t like the New Age because he happens to believe differently, so he makes fun of it.” You don’t think we know this, dear one? Remember, those in charge don’t always have the wisdom to be in charge. Sometimes they’re egomaniacs. Don’t you think we know this? That’s how they got where they are. So, how do you treat them? Do they continue to push your buttons? Do they do things just to irritate you? Or perhaps you just have one who is always depressed? Therefore, you have to walk in the dark energy all the time at work – or is it lighter because of you?

I want to give you the truth, Match Bearer. If you’re holding light, no darkness or dark energy is going to affect you. You’re going to walk into that place, open the door, and do your work. And while you’re there, you are saying: “Thank you, God, I have a job. Thank you, it’s here for now, because wherever I go, I’m going to make a difference.” Some say it’s impossible to make a difference at work. They again say, “You don’t know my work.” Oh, how 3D of you! You don’t know that the light you carry creates tolerance, appreciation, and love? It creates the ability to share and listen with care. It changes the planet. Some of those around you may eventually come to you with their issues and their problems. You might sit and ask, “I wonder why they want to share it with me?” Perhaps it’s because they intuitively see your light; maybe because they see your tolerance; maybe you’re the only one who will listen to them, and in the process, you share love. In the process of them being next to you, you love them. And maybe it’s the only love they’re going to get that day or that week or that month or even that year, dear Match Bearer.

That’s what you do. It’s one Human at a time with another. The earth changes one Human at a time, and that’s why you came. That’s why your parents saw the potentials of it. Everywhere you walk, every situation you’re in, you have a chance to strike the match. The greater your light, the greater the planet’s light. So now, are you still wondering why you came to the planet?

“Kryon, I’m not a healer, nor an author. I’m not a channeller either. I just go to work, come home, do errands, make the beds, then go to work again. What kind of a life is this?” I’ll tell you, dear one, it’s a Match Bearer’s life! Your lineage asked for you to come and for you to walk on the planet and strike the match, go to work, make the beds, do the errands, and come back home again. That’s why you’re here! I don’t want you to diminish that for a moment, since everywhere you go there is more light because of you.

How do you handle fear and anxiety? What pushes your buttons? What makes you worry? Isn’t it about time to conquer that? What’s happening in your body that’s tested you lately? I don’t just talk to those in the chairs. I talk to my partner. I talk to him all the time. He’s just like you. He walks through life just like you. He has some of the same questions you do, yet he’s the channeller! So I talk to all. I am Kryon. I’ve never been a Human Being. I’m always seemingly standing on the outside. I am in charge, if you want to say, of the information that comes through your guides, which comes through your Higher-Self for the energy of the planet. I was not even allowed here until this shift began, because the planet’s energy was not commensurate with the energy of the information that I now teach. I’ll be here a long time, because the potentials are for the energy to stay and grow and be – all because of the Match Bearers.

What irritates you the most? What buttons get pressed the easiest in you? When you watch the news, when you see politics, when you see certain kinds of attitudes, do you get angry? Think of what makes you the angriest. Now, let me ask you, can you see it in tolerance? Well, that’s what the Match Bearer learns to do.

“I hate war,” you might say, “I don’t want anything to do with it. I hate the sorrow that it creates, the heartbreak that it creates. It seems to perpetuate itself.” I’m not asking you to love war. I’m asking you to love the Humans who created it. They’re pieces of God, just like you. Can you look at these things with tolerance and see the parts of them who are loved by God? If you can do that, then you shine light in their life. It doesn’t matter where they are, and they never may know who you are. It’s just like the lighthouse on the rock. How many ships and the captains of the ships have gone to lunch with a lighthouse keeper? The answer is very few of them. But they look for the lighthouse, don’t they? Well, humanity looks for you! It’s intuitive, and even the darkest energy knows about light.

There are Match Bearers everywhere. Everywhere my partner goes, there are auditoriums filled with Match Bearers. That’s why they’re there. They may not know the particulars, but they feel it inside. These are old souls coming together to participate in an event called, “Planting the Seeds of Peace on Earth.” When this 36-year window [The Galactic Alignment] is over, they will have been planted securely and permanently. The potential will unravel itself and unfold itself and there will be more wild-cards for you to see. Wild-card is the term we use to describe actions that are not expected, and that change things on the planet. It is often expressed as countries who have unexpected turns, or dictators who unexpectedly fall. A wild-card is a scenario where humanity starts to put things together instead of tearing them apart.

This is the potential we saw 22 years ago and it is the potential we continue to see today. You’re still on track. Nothing has derailed it and you still have free choice. It’s not a given, and it’s not a set future. Instead, it is the strongest potential that we see in this quantum soup of many potentials – yet we still see it. It is building upon itself, and there is evidence that is manifesting everywhere, and the Match Bearers continue to light their matches.

When we opened this seminar this morning with a short channel, we invited those who would build a wall between me and them through self-doubt, and through skepticism, to let me in for a little while. Now I give you the opportunity to put the wall back. If you came here and you don’t want any part of this metaphysical talk and you’re not ready, then it is your safety net to put the wall back. I know that and I say to you, “Put it back,” because you’re not ready. We are not here to force anything upon you. We don’t want you to leave with an energy you don’t want. This message is for those Match Bearers who feel it is appropriate and timely. But I want to give you a fact: You will never forget what you heard today. There is no “delete” button in the Human brain.

The match doesn’t go away, either. The old soul carries it as long as they need to. Your children will carry it as well. So this is the truth of it, and it is a beautiful plan. Again, less than one half of one percent of this Human population must light the match for all this to take place, and it’s slowly happening. That’s not that many of you. So let the matches be lit this day in whatever degree. Some day you’ll realize that to have a fully lit match, there must be many lit in many places, not just one. That’s why there are so many Lightworkers all around the earth. You’ll never meet them, but you all know each other in a quantum way.

So that is the message of this day for you. For the listener and reader, it is the message of Kryon. It always has been and always will be. It becomes more succinct and clearer as the energy increases and allows for these things to be said and mentioned and taught.

Grateful, I am, as Kryon, to have come this distance to meet the Match Bearers that I always knew would be here. And so it is.

You can listen this channeling message on MP3 here:


Lee Carroll – After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University, Lee started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years.  In 1989, Lee began channeling Kryon and sharing the information with the world.  He has now published over 16 metaphysical books with over a million copies in print in twenty-four languages.  He also travels the world giving seminars.  His website is: .

You are Everything — All is Self – Arno Pienaar

The real you is NOT a Matrix program! The real you is anti social and anti numeric. Regain the immense power of that state by deprogramming yourself of all information.

In today’s world the social dynamics of the global population has taken a mighty S-curve from only twenty years ago.

We have social applications available that allow us to increase our social behavior tenfold prior to android technology.

Applications such as Facebook represent the perfect getaway from reality and the ego is projected there, to another encoded reality, together with an alter-ego.

From here, our perspectives commune with others in the tech-dimension to fulfill egotistic needs and desires that we feel like are missing from the primary reality.

It is much easier to create an illusory matrix yourself with technology, than altering the matrix that is controlling your primary reality, so most people just say: “What the heck, let’s enjoy what we have control over!”

Many are compulsively attached to this reality as for many it is much more lucrative than the cage (they’ve assembled) of their primary reality.

Everyone seems to be using Facebook to show off the best of their personal illusions as if it is some sort of competition.

Likes, comments and friends determines egotistic gratification. Others, totally negate their primary realities and create a totally different alter reality to escape to.

Save the World Program

What is a program? A program in the consciousness is exactly the same as a program that you install onto your computer. A computer program contains data that is transferred via information technology to your device, and alters the functioning of the device according to the program.

Human beings also do download programs throughout their lives in order to do jobs, fit into social circles and mostly to fulfill egotistic needs to strengthen the egotistic mistaken identity.

There is a massive case of the SAVE THE WORLD PROGRAM among humanity that is debilitating the very cause of the name of the program downloaded.

When people catch a glimpse of perceived truth and cannot seem to find anyone that believes them, the first thing they do is project it all onto the internet where they can find an outlet. Through this act they find satisfaction, as a sense of purpose accompanies sharing what is deemed to be helping.

They tend to this regularly all the while downloading more data consciously that installs the “save the world program” into their psyche completely. Any identity made out of any cause is debilitating to yourself and expands on your matrix.

Living with various programs can be like playing with fire, as they all contend with each other forpower from you, and their power is ultimately used by the creator of this matrix, not for you.

You might ask what’s the big deal about downloading programs?

The deal is very big, as we are at a tipping point of transforming our whole reality and the only way this can occur is to format our consciousness so that we can unbind ourselves from the shackles of the creator of the Earth-matrix, which uses knowledge to mould and sculpt us.

It is then that we can create unrestricted of a program sourced from the matrix mainframe that makes us subject to relativity.

Any program that you live with on Earth is matrix sourced and matrix expanding; in other words, anything information-bound that you use for the benefit of your projected eidolon is only serving the Luciferian agenda, Illuminati, call it what you like.

Anyone that eats of the tree of knowledge on this plane loses their foundation and their earth element in the process.

The matrix exists because of a humanity that has not come to embody their true essence that is anti-social and anti-numeric. You cannot save the world externally, it is a waste of time! The only one to save is yourself, as the rest mirrors the fashion.

The Real You is Anti-Social

What are the things that an average human being likes to talk about? How quiet would you become if you removed all negative output?

Most humans speak about the most mundane things and, worst of all, tend to focus on the subject of resistance and separation all the time. This is, of course, the second nature for a sentient being that is trapped in a world of five senses where everything is only sensed as separate.

It is ironic that we have become accustomed to believe that in order to have a life worth living, we do indeed need a vibrant personality and a persona that fits the needs of everyone else’s personas around us, so that we can harmonize with each other without any friction.

This collective egotistic harmonization is exactly where the ego likes to be: in a comfortable arena where there is no threat to its empty existence.

Sentient beings also choose their friends based on the gratification they receive in the form of adoration of their false-selves. Anyone that threatens the legitimacy of this entity is deemed an enemy.

The apparent love two personas (that are ultimately unreal) can have for each other can also turn into immense hate in an instant, such as when a sworn kept secret is exposed to others, or when the infamous adultery is committed beyond the marital pair.

Being in love is an addiction and an attachment to a matrix-based construct! And, as such, it exists on the extremes of a pole where hate is an eye blink away.

Love as you know it is conditional and malevolent, as it is merely a heavy attachment in disguise to that which is not real. Why do you think the word love, in the western music industry that is well known for its negative output, is the most used word? Ask yourself!

[Read more about the unbelievable power words have in the matrix-reality, here.]

Operating with no persona, or say personality, might sound dead or robotic to the average human being, as we have become accustomed to believe that organic life comprises all that is colorful, enchanting, charming, enthusiastic, interesting etc..

What is the point of being alive on Earth with no persona? This is the questions that I need to deal with in order to break through programmed minds!

You are Everything — All is Self

When you come to realize that you are everything, there is no space for a persona any longer. We do not need masks to hide our true nature, which is the wonder of the whole. There is no struggle anymore to find out who you are and what you want to be.

Only the ego struggles for that illusion.

From zero-point, what I have called clearface before, the state of oneness in physicality, one is able to adequately access everything instantaneously in order to respond to the immediate environment impeccably.

In this dimension/reality we can only work with what consists of the matrix, and when one is not bound by it anymore — by a running program that forms a persona — one is unrestricted by the primary matrix.

In this “unrestriction” lies the power to use any part of the whole matrix to your advantage. In other words, you can access to the mainframe and, ultimately, more than the limited algorithm of the matrix.

This means that when you come across a soul that is ripe for a shift, your very presence automatically brings forward their egotistic hindrance, keeping them in malfunction, as energetic resonance and exchange plays out between the two.

From there, from beyond the mind, you may use words your intuition guides you to use (data) in such a way as to untangle the tight hold the others’ self-created matrix has on them, by highlighting the validity and legitimacy of the data they have used to construct themselves.

In deprogramming, you fight fire with fire, words with words. A great battle might ensue, but as long as you remain unattached in your foundation of knowing, all will be fine.

With the realization that you are everything, if you came across yourself earlier on the time-track (what you were a few years ago), what would you do?

I am a freelance writer for The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists: You can contact me via my website .

Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer

Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer

Published on Mar 26, 2016

This YouTube blog describes how to do “a direct connect with the highest ascension energies on the planet”.

I would like to share with you a way to direct connect with the highest ascension energies on the planet. It’s an ultra simple exercise and the beauty of it is that it should benefit each of us personally in our ascension process and it should benefit the Earth in Hers. It is a way for us to stand in 100% solidarity with the Earth as She continues and culminates Her ascension process at this time on the planet.

This recording is being made on March 22nd, 2016, and I have spent a week investigating, meditating, having psychic perceptions, researching on the internet and collaborating with my good friend Susan Gash. Susan is a healer, a master dowser and she’s my co-presenter for three workshops that I’m presenting this year in 2016 in Berlin in April, in San Francisco in July and London in September.

Susan and I have been investigating many things – Schumann resonance on the Earth, spiritual vibration, how the two relate, how we are moving from a carbon to a crystalline based body, how the Earth is moving from carbon to crystalline based, how the 12 strands of DNA are coming online. We’ve looked at the issue from many different angles.

Susan taught me to dowse last summer and I have been fascinated with this tool. I spent September of 2015 dowsing my spiritual progress; perfecting my skill at dowsing.

In my estimation, there are three waves of this particular portion of the Earth’s ascension process. The first happened in September 2015 at the equinox. We’ve just come through the second – March equinox 2016. And we have one more to go – September equinox 2016.

These are huge waves that push us to ascend if we have not yet cleared our egoic structure and our emotional baggage. It all comes up in our face to be reviewed. And then we enter into a quieter period of stabilisation and integration that evens out as we approach the solstices.

So for the September equinox of last year, I was fascinated to dowse the Earth’s Schumann resonance, my own internal Schumann resonance, my spiritual vibration and so on. I made incredible progress by being able to get very exact answers to questions about my progress. I was able to attune my being with the Earth’s ascension and I was very pleased.

But for the past week, I began by asking the question ‘Why am I assuming that I need to attune to the Earth’s vibration, to Her resonance in the location where I live?’. Why am I not attuning to Her highest resonance on the planet? In order to explain the full answer that Susan and I developed over the past week, I need to lay out for you a few of the different components.

First of all, we need to begin by laying out the general premise – that the Earth is ascending in consciousness. This can be tracked with monitors – monitors that clock the Schumann vibration of the Earth. It can be looked at from a psychic perspective. It can be verified through a technique such as dowsing. But the general premise is that She is ascending and that those of us who live upon Her body, must, by default, ascend with Her. If we fight that process, we’re having a miserable time. If we go with it, and let go of our emotional baggage, our egoic structures, our limitations, we are moving into a more and more ecstatic, fluid and then formless state.

My assumption has been, for many years, since we started talking about the ascension, that the ascension for the Earth was a no brainer. This is easy for Her. She’s simply moving through it and waiting for us to catch up. But over the past week, I began to ask myself if that is true. And through my investigation, I have found ‘no, that’s not true’. The Earth is actually struggling. When I dowsed it, and asked Susan to verify it, we both got 55%. It’s a 55% struggle for Her.

At that point, we began to ask why. What is it that is holding Her back? What is it that is creating a drag on Her ascension process? The first thing I saw was that it is the collective. In different places of the globe, if the collective is not willing to ascend with Her, the collective consciousness in that area is creating a drag on the Earth. And that drag disallows Her from breaking through to the highest resonance she can possibly achieve. If we look at all the things that those who would control this planet have done, are doing; if we look at the electromagnetic disturbances; if we look at the abundance of wi-fi, cellphone towers, chemtrails, chembombs, fluoride, pharmaceuticals – all the things that are being done to limit consciousness. I had always assumed that that was to limit the consciousness of human beings. But at this point, I’m convinced that those things are being done mostly to limit the ascension process of the Earth Herself. Why? Because as the Earth continues to ascend, it is harder and harder for dark agendas to exist. Dark intention to control, to repress, cannot exist in a space with a very, very high vibration. So in order for those people with this agenda to even continue to live on the planet, they have to try and rein in; they have to try and modify and limit the vibration of the Earth Herself.

If you would imagine that we have a wagon with a really heavy load of rock or marble. And we have an elephant who is trying to pull that wagon. And the elephant can’t get the wagon in motion. Then suddenly, all of the workers in the quarry come and say, “OK, let’s pitch in. Let’s line up on the side of this huge wagon. Let’s get at the back. Let’s give it our best boost that we possibly can.” And with the help of those people, the elephant is able to start the wagon in motion. And an object in motion, tends to stay in motion. This is the juncture where we’re at. The Earth is floundering to 55%. We can stand with Her in solidarity. Then we can, all working together, facilitate the ascension escalating freely to whatever degree it wants to escalate.

9:12 mins
I think most people are aware that there was a physicist named Schumann who, back in the 1950s, clocked the resonance of the Earth at approximately 7.83 Hertz. When I was dowsing back in September of 2015 the Earth’s Schumann resonance, my assumption was that I needed to attune my internal Schumann resonance to the Earth’s Schumann resonance. I think, looking back, that I made this assumption because we have heard so much about how important it is to get out and walk barefoot on the Earth; to work with the soil; to come into contact with Her; how non-beneficial all of the concrete that we laid down on the surface of the Earth is. So my assumption was that I needed to link up with the Earth where I lived. Indeed, I was doing that. When I would dowse every day during the September 2015 ascension process, if I found that my internal Schumann vibration was a little off from that of the vibration where I live here in Vilcabamba, Equador, I would ask to raise it and I would be sure I got out the next day and walked more, barefoot. So I succeeded in sinking my body, my internal Schumann resonance with the Earth where I lived.

I was also aware however, that the Schumann resonance is different on different locations on the planet. So if we go back to the end of 2012 December solstice, …. the average Schumann resonance of the planet was hovering at about 9. Now in 2016, the Schumann resonance, overall, the average for the planet is at about 10. So when you think about it, these are incredible increases the overall planet has gone through. If She has increased from 7.83 to 10, and it explains why people who live upon Her are having a difficult time.

But I was clocking the Schumann resonance in Vilcabamba at about 16. There’s one country in the Middle East much in the news – if you clock its Schumann resonance, it’s at 1. If you look at Manhattan, New York, where the Earth is completely covered by concrete; where there is a proliferation of wi-fi, cellphone coverage and so on, it clocks at 5, which explained to me why a friend who recently moved from a spacious area in the south west to Manhattan, is now having such a difficult time. If you clock the highest Schumann resonance on the planet, it has been about 27. That’s a huge range.

So let’s talk for a moment about spiritual vibration because it’s closely related to the Schumann resonance. When we talk about the Schumann resonance, we’re talking in terms of electromagnetics. We’re talking about how the electromagnetics are affecting something so dense as a physical body or the globe of the Earth. When we talk about spiritual vibration, we’re not asking for the body’s vibration. We are asking for spiritual vibration which encompasses everything from the physical body, the subtle physical body, astral body, mystical body, all the way through to the soul of a person who has taken incarnation in an embodiment on planet Earth. And the same applies for the Earth Herself – with Her body, She has a spiritual vibration. So my perception is the spiritual vibration has more to do with the space between the particles of consciousness that compose an embodiment. If someone has cleared their egoic structure and their emotional baggage; if they are experiencing universal consciousness; that means that there is tremendous space between the particles of consciousness that compose that person’s being.

If you look up the definition, vibration has a lot to do with disturbance within a field. If you take the surface of a pond, if it’s a windy day and there is a lot of activity, there’s waves if there is disturbance in that field. We say that the vibration has been disturbed. You can take that and apply that to a person’s field. So if a person is in reaction to something, then their field will be disturbed. They will have had an emotional response to this situation and their spiritual vibration will descend because of the contraction that’s happening due to the reaction.

So spiritual vibrations vacillate more than Schumann resonances. If a person is in reaction, they will contract and their spiritual vibration will clock lower. If a person has just had a breakthrough and they are feeling really good about life, they will expand and if you clock their spiritual vibration, it will be higher. We expect that a person, (or the Earth for that matter) the spiritual vibration will vacillate. But then the two are closely related. So if you clock through dowsing, the Schumann resonance of a place on the Earth is high, you will find correspondingly that the spiritual vibration in that place is high. And the same is true where the Schumann resonance is low, the spiritual vibration will be contracted. It will clock lower.

So all of this inquiry caused me to ask and discuss with Susan where exactly is the internal Schumann resonance located in the physical body. As we examined that, we decided that it is primarily the pineal gland. So there is a brain cavity that registers electromagnetics and that cavity contains the pineal gland and the pituitary gland. From a spiritual vantage point, that pineal gland is considered to be the command centre of the spiritual being. It is responsible for the 12 strands of DNA being activated and coming back on line. It is associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra (or energy centre) is slightly disassociated from the physical body and all of the other six chakras. The stem of the lotus flower, if you will, that is the crown chakra, begins in that very portion of the brain. So we have the pineal gland blossoming out into universal consciousness.

Indeed, Susan and I could verify that through our internet research, through our dowsing, which led us to the question: Where is the pineal gland or the command centre for the Earth? I said, “Oh, I know that,” because I’ve been clocking the highest Schumann resonance on Earth in Chile. If you are familiar with the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his book ‘The Serpent of Light’, you will know that some years ago, he was involved with the facilitation of the moving of the Kundalini energy from Tibet to Chile – an energetic task that took many years and the help of many indigenous on the planet. When I read that, it completely resonated with me. It explained why I chose to move to South America four years ago. In his book, Drunvalo tells us that this is an occurrence that happens only once every 13,000 years. And when the Kundalini is anchored in a different location, it completely changes the world’s perception of spirituality. He says that this particular location in Chile sends out a frequency into the electromagnetic grids around the Earth. All of that completely dovetails with Schumann resonance, spiritual vibration and so on.

I also have it on very good authority that the indigenous people in Chile convened a meeting right about the time when this energetic task was taking place. And they decided to build a monastery in an undisclosed location in Chile because there would be Tibetan monks who would be moving there. As soon as I heard that information, I said, “Oh, of course. That makes perfect sense.” They know how to anchor the Kundalini energy. They’ve done it in Tibet. If it’s moving, they’re now coming to Chile. This all ties in to the increasing number of strands of DNA that are being activated within us. You can get on the internet and read about how the Earth is moving from a carbon to a crystalline base. You can read about how our bodies are moving from a carbon to a crystalline base. And as that happens, our spiritual vibration increases. Why? Because crystal is a better conductor than carbon. Crystal is more spacious. Going back to more spaciousness between particles of consciousness.

So now, let’s talk a little bit about the outcome of all of our research and psychic perception. Two exercises came out of that. We said, “Alright, if the Earth is struggling with Her ascension process and we are therefore struggling with our ascension process in trying to attune with Her; trying to keep up with Her, how can we help this situation?” How can we help the elephant get a boost to get this heavy wagon over the hump? We did that by creating a filter. So I’d like to talk you through it.

The filter was put in place about a week ago and immediately, we saw the Schumann resonance of the Earth jump. It was the most profound confirmation. So a filter was put in place for the Earth and for all of those who are choosing ascension, either consciously or unconsciously. We got the green light to put the filter up for anyone choosing ascension who wants to tap into it.

We could not get a green light for those who are not choosing ascension. That makes sense, because they are choosing a different path. They are choosing to remain on a field of duality, on the playing field of limitation, control, hierarchy. They are continuing to play the games that are currently playing out on the planet. And that is the choice of their Higher Self. So one can’t interfere with that.

But for all of those choosing ascension (whether they are choosing it consciously, or even unconsciously, as many people are), this filter has taken effect. All one has to do is to step into it. So I would like to walk you through it. If you don’t want to tap into this filter, you can use the intent we set, or the request or the prayer, however you wish to think about it, as a foundation or a springboard for creating your own filter. One that’s fine tuned for you. So here’s the gist of it.

22:20 mins
We called in all available benevolent beings of Light who are assisting in the ascension of the planet. We called in our spirit guides and the spirit guides of the Earth to create a mechanism for the Earth and for all people choosing ascension (either consciously or unconsciously). We asked that this filter, this mechanism, exude no negative impact whatsoever on the Earth’s ability or on a human being’s ability to perceive or evolve; that it not limit in any way the Earth’s ability or a human’s ability to evolve and ascend. We asked that this filter be placed in, through and around the Earth. We asked that it nullify, that it transmute back to Source, all man-made as well as all natural non-beneficial interference, all frequencies, vibrations and energies, including electromagnetics, chemical compounds, radiological pollutants, germs, viruses, any dark force energy that is intended to limit the consciousness of the Earth and those choosing ascension, any non-beneficial energies from the human collective not choosing ascension. We asked that this mechanism be a multi-dimensional living intelligent filter, that it be able to learn and adapt over time, in order to nullify new types of non-beneficial interference that may come into being. And we asked that the filter be absolutely impregnable; that it be impervious to all interferences from any dimension that may seek to damage or eradicate it. And finally, that it be done for the highest benefit of all.

So let’s track through some readings for the Schumann resonance so we can bring this down and ground it, and get a better sense of how the ascension is progressing, and whether or not this made a difference. We know that if we go back to 1952, the Schumann resonance was 7.83. The average Schumann resonance at the winter solstice 2012 was 9. The average Schumann resonance at winter solstice 2015 (just a few months ago) was 10.

Now let’s look at the highest (that was the average). Highest Schumann resonance at the end of 2012 was 16. The highest Schumann resonance at the end of 2015, winter solstice, 23.5. The highest Schumann resonance on March 15th, (as we were experiencing the ascension wave leading in to the March equinox; so we were steadily building) it went up to 26.5. Highest Schumann resonance on March 18th (after the filter was put in place), we experienced a jump to 29.5. And the highest Schumann resonance on March 21st (with the filter in place after the March equinox), clocked at 35. This is a phenomenal jump. This is very good news for the planet and for all of us.

Now I’d like to get to the point of the whole YouTube audio, which is how do you make a direct connection to the highest Schumann resonance.

The place that all of this research led me was: Why am I connecting with the Schumann resonance in my location? Why could I not connect with the highest Schumann resonance on the planet? And we know that is in Chile. And the answer is we can. Susan and I connected our internal Schumann resonance to the location in Chile where the Kundalini is anchored. And we connected our properties. So here is the intent or the prayer or the request that you need to make, depending on how you work. let me go through it and you can do it right now, if this resonates with you.

27:30 mins
“I ask that my internal Schumann resonance be directly connected to the Earth’s highest Schumann resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution. I ask that my internal Schumann resonance be adjusted in whatever time frame is optimal for my evolution.”

These two caveats are very important. If you simply say, “I want to connect with the highest Schumann resonance in Chile”, it will be, for some people, like throwing them in the deep end of the pool, when they don’t know how to swim.. So be certain to add these two caveats ‘to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution, my ascension, and in whatever time frame is optimal’. So that that adjustment can take place over a time period that makes it more comfortable for you.

The second piece of it is: “I ask that the Schumann resonance of my residence, my property, my house, my apartment, be directly connected to the Earth’s highest Schumann resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution and in whatever timeframe is optimal.”

Now there is an additional caveat to doing this. And that is if others are living with you on your property. This needs to be taken into consideration. If they are consciously choosing the ascension, you can sit down and talk about it and make a decision to make a group request. Or you can simply leave it up to Spirit to adjust the direct connection in whatever way is optimal for all people living on the property.

So we have done the exercise or you can do it in meditation for yourself. Put the intent in place and then everyday ping it. Just touch it with your awareness field. Just reiterate. It only takes a few seconds. Just acknowledge with your attention, the filter that you’ve put in place. Acknowledge your intent to have a direct connect with the highest frequencies on the planet. Doing those two things will bring your attention back to the task at hand and reinforce your alignment.

After I did these two things (and it was the same for Susan) all of my dowsing numbers shot up. My internal Schumann resonance shot up and was in complete accord with the resonance of Chile. Chile was at 29.5 and my internal Schumann resonance was at 29.5. And my spiritual vibration mapped to the Earth’s spiritual vibration. We’re always hanging a little bit behind. We can’t exceed the Earth in Her vibration. She needs to continue to cycle up. We can come very close. Those monks who are sitting in that monastery in Chile – that’s their job, to calibrate with Her ascension process. And we can do the same. I kept asking why am I not able to raise my spiritual vibration as high as the monks in Chile. And I was told, “It’s because you are living and working in the world.” And yes, that’s part of it. But once I did the direct connect, everything shifted dramatically and my spiritual vibration shot up.

So just to give you an idea of spiritual vibration – in September 2015, the average spiritual vibration of a person on the planet was 600. I recently clocked it as we were approaching the March equinox 2016. Average spiritual vibration for people on the planet is 450. Why? Because it’s more intense. People are having a more difficult time. People are more contracted and when we contract, our spiritual vibration lowers. Most of the people I work with are in the range of two and three thousand, in terms of their spiritual vibration. That’s pretty normal for someone who’s on a spiritual path and actively seeking, in terms of the ascension process.

So the Earth’s spiritual vibration had been vacillating in the high 5,000s. Recently it shot up to about 6,500. If you clock the location in Chile, the spiritual vibration – it’s about the same. If you clock the vibration of the monks – it’s about the same.

The benefits for Susan and myself, as soon as this happened, was immediate. Our internal Schumann resonance shot up. Our spiritual vibration shot up. We disseminated the information to a small group. Everyone had the same experience.

Now when I go and walk on my property, I may as well be at that monastery in Chile. I’m walking on the highest possible Schumann resonance of the planet.

One thing I would like to note here, please. These monks are doing the Earth a tremendous service and they do not need our focus. We are in this ascension process together and anyone on the planet who can ascend to a higher spiritual vibration benefits us personally. Why? Because if they can do it, we can. I have been mapping myself against these monks. Not to compete with them. How ridiculous would that be? But to think to myself – if they can do it, I can do it. If any of us can exceed expectations, it is possible for all of us, if we take this kind of co-operative, collaborative attitude. So we don’t need to focus unduly on them and their jobs. Just focus on the place the Kundalini is anchored and ask for a direct connect to that location.

Now here’s the really exciting thing to me about this whole business. And that is if we can share this YouTube with enough people; if this exercise resonates with enough people, we can bring more and more locations on the planet into resonance with the highest energies of ascension of the planet.

Interestingly, when both Susan and I did this exercise, and our internal Schumann resonances shot up, the Schumann resonance of both of our properties shot up, all of Vilcabamba shot up.

If we can create enough pockets of high resonance on the Earth. it will counteract the drag the collective consciousnes of all of these other things, like electromagnetics and chemical compounds. It will counteract the impact of all of that. I can see this through psychic perception. I can see lines going through the Earth. Lines of Light lighting up different parts of the globe with just the dozen or so of people that we shared it with. And at some point, if we can continue to bring locations online around the planet, we will create a phased transition. It will be like the 100th monkey coming on line. Eventually, with enough locations lit up, the whole Earth will light up.

We can create an incredible Shift on the planet. We can do our part standing in 100% solidarity with Her, for Her ascension, for our ascension, for everyone’s ascension process.

This year, 2016, is crucial. It encompasses the final waves of ascension that the Earth will go through. Our backs, as those of us living upon Her, are completely up against the wall to change, to map to Her, to raise our spiritual vibrations. If we can utilise this year, not only to do that, but to bring more and more locations around the planet into direct connection with Her highest spiritual vibration, can you see what that means? Can you see the Shift that could potentially occur? Each of us, who is willing to do this, lifts ourself up into a more global, a more galactic, a more universal level. And as we do that, interestingly, one only has to look around and see, “Ah! There are many people here with me, and we are networked together.”

We do not have to do anything but stand. We simply stand as pillars of Light in our own location around the globe. And this is a really important point. This is NOT a call to arms. This is a call to stand in your full power and in 100% solidarity with the Earth. That means, at the most refined level, no action. Only being who we are. Act if you want, in your own personal way if you feel to be an activist, if you feel to work for this or that on the planet. Absolutely no problem. But at the highest levels of our being, we stand. Simply that. Which is not to stand for something. And is not to stand against something. But simply to stand in our own power. And to stand with the Earth. We stand in a place which is the reconciliation of the dual opposites of ‘for’ and ‘against’. It’s very Gandhiesque. It’s very simple.

But in order to achieve that, you have to be willing to give up your judgements. You have to be willing to move to a neutral place. So if you can do that through meditation, do it. If you can do it through processing; if you can do it through prayer; if you can simply say, “To the Divine (or to Mother Earth even, at this time as She clears Herself), please take my egoic structure, my emotional baggage and clear it at the same time.” Just ask that it will lifted. And that goes a long, long way now, because not only are we internally ascending, everything externally around us on the Earth is ascending. And that means that we have traction as we’ve never had it before. That means everything is in support, inwardly and outwardly, of this final phase of Earth’s ascension process. So just give it away and stand.

This technique, this exercise, should enhance your ascension process for the rest of the year. But I must tell you that it may not necessarily make it smoother. If there is still ego, if there is still emotional baggage, then things will not go smooth. Honestly, we would not want them to go smoothly, because our discomfort points to our limitations that are asking to be eradicated.

So when you go into reaction, I would ask you to sit. To sit with that, and ask what is it that wants to be seen. What limitation is coming up for me that I need to examine? That I need to make my peace with, I need to merge with and feel fully in my body so that it can vent up and out through the crown chakra and be released to Source.

I know this was a long YouTube to listen to. I know this was a lot of information to track through. I thank you for taking time out of your life to listen, to absorb and to see if it resonates with you. I can’t promise that this will make things smoother. I can only say that from my personal experience, and the personal experience of those that I have shared this with, that it has aided tremendously in our ascension process. And I hope that if it resonates for you, the same will be true.

I wish you all the best with your ascension. I am sending you much love as you continue on your journey this year.