The Innocent.


I am concerned there are too many of us programmed incorrectly by the medi@ and the program is too deep for many to know they are programmed.

We need to break a hole in this program, if only for a moment, so as to allow some seed of truth to enter.

I guess best explain what’s the tool that is being used against the entire planet? …. The tool being used is fear, endless fear.

Currently it is fear of a invisible something, the invisible grim reaper of death is hiding in every Corner Store and Pub, It’s in the church, in the park and at the football, it comes to your BBQs, your birthday parties and hangs out at the beach too.

Fear is used to make you accept giving up what is normal, Fear is being used to make you throw away what is normal and accept something other than normal, some “new normal” (if you behave).

This is like a prisoner who has behaved and is now/soon allowed out (for now) to see their friends and family…your so lucky….

The innocent is the prisoner, under house arrest. and if they behave, they are allowed out (a bit)…. come on… this is crazy!

You don’t ‘normally’ qu@rantine the good, you quar@ntine the sick. The whole darn world, doing stuff, based on some extreme measures another non western country apparently did, what the…..  it’s not a by-chance happening. This is a well hatched, world wide, orchestrated plan. Just for two weeks, flatten the curve, just lies even to begin with.

Wait a minute, look at this stuff….many countries are being pushed//asked to be tracked and traced, you the innocent, we not asking the weirdo p€do or r@pist to be tracked and traced, nope just you the innocent.

Over and over they repeat the same stuff until I hear all of us repeating the same darn stuff. You gota see this, surely.

Flatten the curve, WTF.. that’s the media saying that, over and over… why are you saying it… and don’t tell me it’s the new normal.

It’s endless, just before was OMG All of Australia is on fire, China China, Orange man bad, Clim@te change, glob@l warming, Fanny Mae, Biggest storm in decades, Economic doom, House price’s crisis, GFC, 911, Y2K, Brexit, a Bird flew, Swine something….. pigs R’s to all of it, we just want to be happy, go away.

Been months now and none of us have a gone a day without hearing about some darn viru§, why is this? It is programming! The media has been weaponised. It is more obvious at this time to see the cracks, as this age old well hatched plan,pushes forward, faster than it ever has before.

It’s the new normal, The new darn normal isn’t normal it is very abnormal and that’s obvious, so why tell us over and over it’s the new normal?Seems someone is trying hard to have us accept it as so. Oh and social distancing is not social it is forced physical separation and its not 2020 its 1984 and a boots stomping right now on our heads. (as planned)

boot painting_1

The media aims to increase the level of fear and confusion everyday … They not promoting and rarely mention how many survived or are cured, in fact possible cures are being suppressed and made harder to access. If you notice they mostly focus on fear factors, the infected and the dead. I don’t care if there is a v!rus or not..or where it came from, the aim is to increase fear and control, the details are not worth arguing about.

The media has been caught exaggerating and manipulating the truth and flat out lying many many times, things usually are not how they are presented, they are not there doing good deeds and trying to keep the whole world safe, if that was so we be free from hunger and poverty on this planet eons ago. They are there to tell you what and how to think.

…..Fear and a increased sense of hopelessness and a loss of control. Ever changing truths, confusion and isolation…separation from them you care and love…….for your own good?… I think not.

Put you in fear and you will give up freely your freedoms, give up just about anything to have it over. Just want to get back to normal, that is all anyone wants, and we will do just about anything in the hope of regaining that normality back in our lives as we watch it vanish from us.

….. BTW something never wants you to have your normal life ever again and you won’t if ‘they’ have their way.

I not about to go into what a they or a something maybe. It is enough to know if a something is in action or not. Is it suspect and fishy? Does it feel wrong and unnatural?. Honestly is little need of deeper digging than that. To do so is just another distraction from what can be seen and known by you now.

From here it’s just more of the same, it will be the next planneddemic, the next wave, next global issue, more fears, more controls, more outbreaks, more lock downs, more rules, more new normal that we just have to accept or else even more bad somethings will occur, and if you don’t just accept it now then it just be even worse later and your just making it harder on everyone else.

Something out there wants you to throw away any concept of what was normal for something new, something other than normal, at present they about to let the leash out a little, but I assure you, until the leash is removed, forever it will keep getting pulled back.

It scares the crap out of me that we all took to being reined in so fast and so readily, the innocent are so trusting and a forever hopeful lot. Giving up freedoms, history knows, we don’t go there, it’s a slippery slope that just has us giving up more and more and forever more in exchange for less and less of what we already once had.

I suspect it’s all for one reason, some new One Wor!d government kinda system that needs you to give up your freedoms for the sake of everyone else and will offer them back somewhat as rewards, if your good and comply.

You will enter a digital world, a bit like hunger games. A world where you will be tracked and traced and monitored and governed by @I controlled social apps where you earn (or not) your right to live, such will limit where you may go and how much freedom you are allowed.. God help the children of tomorrow if this nightmare keeps rolling on out.


It’s not a new today thing, it’s been rolling out for decades, centuries maybe even, I not sure, what I am sure of, such loss of freedom if not all just lost within our lifetime, such losses will grow and grow and in generations to come, any freedom or even the idea of it, will be lost from humanity forever.

You the innocent are under attack right now. You don’t need fight, just you being awake to the game being played is enough to stop it.

Censorship is in overdrive, you won’t find truth in your TV programming or the main stream media, it’s in your heart, stop and listen to it, it has the ability to guide you threw any storm. (such is hard to do if in fear I know)


Good luck..




Fear Knot.






…just the first 7mins of video above should be enough to alarm anyone…

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