Be Kind to your own self.


Is 2 things that is unique in us from every other life form. We have a voice and a creative mind. Most of the time we miss even our own thoughts, stop doing that, catch them in the act.

Check they are words your creator would like to hear you saying. Speak only words that would make your God (in any form) smile. Imagine he could hear you when you speak to thyself.

Most often is a million negative thoughts about others but even more so about our own selves playing like some endless scratched record. Stop it. Stop the attack going on in your own mind.

That’s all you need to do. The rest takes will take care of itself.

Not so easy to still the nagging internal chatter, the one most apparent when you shower and lay to rest. Its been with you all your life and has never shut up for barely a moment.

Try to catch each and every negative conversation you have, especially the ones nobody but yourself hears. Stop the words before you lose your mind and babble on.

Stop having these negative thoughts, you can do it.

They spring up endlessly and invade your natural peace, they seem to come from no place.

Use force to help you evict them from your consciousness. NO don’t hit yourself in the head, rather make a simple short personal sentence of how you would like to see your self being and replace each negative thought with such sentence.

If you can change you mind the world you and I see will also be changed.

The road to the better place is within your own mind and the only blockage is there as well.

Remove it.

Rize up from within.


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