Rules (from gothictypus)

I don’t know THE way.

I been learning there is always another way and is never one way only.

Whatever I know for sure isn’t ever sure as later it changes, but I will say for sure that I know things.

Everything I ever knew, always changes (usually right at most embarrassing moment possible)

…..This gets me so much, as I’m sure of so much from ways once walked but always much to my disgust, ways change, so if you need be correct, never just do as I often do and expect same result. Keep ears open.

I hate being wrong, but do the same thing the same way enough times, you will find that way you once knew as the best of the best ways ever ever wasn’t the best way, was just the way it was once.

Past is great for reference only.

Ideas wear thin after a while. Eventually Ideas seem to break down.

No logic for this but it is a known and beyond doubt.

Just because a reason can’t be found doesn’t mean a working method is wrong.

When no solution can be found that doesn’t mean there is no solution! It just proves more understanding needs to be learnt. Or/And current understanding is incomplete and limited. I find errors are in original understandings requiring corrections that have slight errors or there is code corruptions someplace usually nearly correct definitions being built upon leaking life to unexpected places in constructs.

Adding or More is not a permanent solution to anything ever.

(no logic, 95% sure.)

Anything added later in time always creates problems later. These are great for rapid temp fix but don’t think it’s a permanent fix.

(adding stuff is my superglue.)

Super Glue isn’t super or even glue in time.

Revisit Solved Problems and Refresh Working Ideas.

All Ideas On Any Systems Wear.

What was exact once upon a time, wont be exact at some other time.

On my best day I only can be close as I can to nearly perfect for that day.

Use Daydream Planning. Test, look and listen and learn to follow even crazy ideas of hearts voice in all Constructions.

It’s important to stop thinking all is known. Stop and listen to internal flows.

Be very aware of external non connected coincidental pure chance happenings. Data results show these ideas as near perfect, although they defy any logic.

(My current understanding is that this is contact with the forces of life itself.)

All definite conclusions that are without doubt and nothing more can be understood are never definite and is always more yet not seen.

Test and try unknown ways on the already known.

The most impossible conclusion that has no logic and makes no sense has shown to be where perfection or ultimate truth lives.

(If you need direction, head this way.)

The Solution to all is always staring you in the face.

Open Eyes …. Is solution found?

If No … Close Eyes.



Open Eyes.

(Repeat if necessary.)

(If results are not found with first hour, time may be saved by a routine check for blind to the obvious.)

The above idea although deployed as universal fix doesn’t appear to be in use.

Calculations reveal this idea should be used on all issues, current data is limited to my personal use that shows No Wear and 100% reliable.

Future growth of its use flags it as an idea likely to wear.

Recommend as it becomes more utilized that it is routinely checked for wear and efficiency.

*applies to all current and future systems inc non systems.

High Use Warning Current as No Test Data.

(confirmed 100%.)cropped-img_0142.jpg

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