Sleep’s Communion With Spirit

Once more the day’s star shines and the activities of a busy round begin. And each soul, vertical, dressed, equipped for the day, moves into the rhythms of that vertical activity which is called living the life.

May we suggest that it is most helpful to realize that that which has been yours during your sleep, during your period of horizontal relaxation, is most valuable.

For upon your bed you do not strive. 

You do not struggle.

You do not mourn or praise.

But as one who dives into deep water, you are covered with the blessings which sleep brings. 

For sleep opens the door to the spirit’s communion with that spirit which we are.

Allow the vertical part of your life to carry the horizontal member which lies within the heart and mind. 

Allow the consciousness of peace and comfort to interpenetrate each activity. 

For those peaceful lessons learned upon the nightly bed may so inform the day that your life finds more and more value in its happenings.

You see, your life is only yours insofar as you perceive it, and it is your powers of perception that are clarified and strengthened by obtaining the peaceful spaciousness of water whilst bounding actively upon the currents of the air.



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