The Long and winding road


Ahh life, oh dear how do I explain all this, I guess is only one way and that’s to try, so look out and sorry. So I let soul drive, I respect him and his wisdom and me typing guy try’s to sit in back seat and let him drive this me who I am.

Soon as he takes the wheel weird shit occurs, I meet this beautiful soul, she may even say she is simple character to deal with but that’s far from what I see.

At her feet I find all the answers I can think of about my past lives, she not need say a word, it just hits me when I near her.

I thought just the god bit I already had difficulty accepting was way out there, nah it gets weirder and even harder to comprehend, no that’s not right, it’s actually easy to comprehend just omg darn impossible to accept or believe, just like soul was/is but even more so.

Appears was once just like one of us, made into two, a boy bit and a girl bit, I got suspicions here too that maybe the boy bit has the female aspects and the female bit the male.. Ahh crazy balance, anyways that’s too new and unchecked or analysed info so let me continue…

I guess we split then meet, not sure we were human or with physical body but we meet, we create, life grows. We love we war, we many lives, many many eons of lives, in body, out of body, earth, other places, other dimensions, animals, bugs, plants, emotions all these things are lives had. Pirates, sirens soul stealing, destroying planets and universes all these things invade my memories. I can’t define just can sence bits and at times see, touch and feel these invisible crazy impossible pasts.

I became aware her soul was collecting all the bits of the puzzle of life that I would search for, I found so many pieces scattered at right at her feet and in her imaginary dream places. I found so many, so much, like all the pieces I never could find all here, like breadcrumbs I say.

I found stuff like a little box in her imaginary underwear draw that’s was once a prize possession of mine, I wondered what it was, until I discovered it was a lock of her hair, she had given me in some history. Then in some later history had stolen it back, maybe I dropped it someplace but I doubt it. I reckon when I was bugging her bad, she decided to take it from some locker I had someplace.

See I guess I left her after some Wild fight and didn’t come back for many eons, this kinda freaked her out a little, maybe she even lost the plot a bit as I guess I did too when I was stuck or witnessed what we had done. I guess we all lose it a bit if someone leaves without a word and it  appeared like they would never return. Imagine this going on for eons and eons, yup makes a mess of any reality.

It took me a while to work out where in hell I had been, as although I sensed I been gone, I didn’t know how long or where, I just knew I had big gaps from knowing the beginning of time, and the ending or more recent parts, but the middle was missing.

I found I been at one stage, evil.. Pure evil the force I was. I became it in her, the idea was to understand what was causing life to leak out of creation, why the cracks form every time I created something that was designed to be perfect but always seem to end in time in ruin, in all my great and not so great plans and constructs.

I knew the cracks occurred in time, i didn’t know why, I knew it appeared after in my constructs as evil, so I became evil to understand it. I learnt there was no evil, evil was in fact good but I jump past this for now as I trying to explain the whole lot, then I can go back and explain the bits.

I knew bugs were born into the cracks, life we didn’t create first hand. So I became I think an ant, I wanted to know where and why they go where they go, it’s here I got stuck in the life of an ant for eons. This I learn is where I was, I not sure how I got out, or why I was stuck or how long. I know only was a was, is where I was for a long time, is where I learn nothing about the cracks, found a few new dimensions, one of which is where I want to go after this one, but at present,  I have no real memory here bar me laughing at the idea of her stamping on me as I guess I seem to bug her not only on the outside but inside too.


To be continued…….     




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