Soul Wakes

Well after about 40 years of me being unable to find fault in any thing ever of all the endless and outlandish stories that Soul speaks. I made the decision that Soul has by default proven himself to be real.

So I decided to trust him and began documenting past existences by finding his words could flow from my hands.

So I typed what he knew as truth. This led to random blocks of words flowing out rapidly. Faster than I could type let alone make up as they came so so fast. This then I could read and in turn question, which brought about more rapid forming data blocks that brought me, his reader and writer, understandings of the story being told.

Needless to say but the truth ran deep and somehow it made sense also to what I had personally experienced, find I have talents in and feel in my current life time, which I never knew prior as something logical. It also made me aware that what I had thought before as obviously impossible to be realistic knowings that had always filled my mind as some fantasy I had made up, to be actual memories and not fantasy. Problem here was now I had to accept such classed by myself as impossible, not only as possible but true recall of past realties I had lived.

So now I am faced with being aware of how creation itself was constructed, how I personally was involved in such, how over time I had played various roles, which once I analysed and questioned all became a single road from the beginning of time itself to my life right now in this time. Not only that but I also know from my own realisation the same holds true for us all here that think we live a one minded life. I’m also made aware how I once had known as a fact was nothing but one of me, was in reality a coping mechanism that allowed me and us to entertain what is in fact truth as pure fantasy and impossible imaginations.

So now where once my life didn’t make sense and appeared random. I found in fact was all a planned road that for the first time in this lifetime am finding myself compelled to walk. To walk such road I need my wisdom onboard as little me who knew life as random events don’t have the tools or strength of abilities that such mind boggling a walk will require. I now also have been made aware after just my initial baby steps of some of the capabilities we have, when I allow this aspect that lives on after and prior to me, have a voice in the me/us in this now.

So we say ok soul let’s try to walk together rather than me just in control of all. So I begin by trying to define how we can communicate, and because I requested, I get confirmation that such is possible, which again blows one mind when now I find me as two. This first opening of communication is limited as I am yet to know what is possible, but even my limited first steps amaze, scare and fear how will I ever get anyone to comprehend what I now know. I’m also aware how strange and hard it will be for whom I may and will need to allow to perceive me enact this all as a reality whilst rejecting what was once for me, and still is others as the normal and correct way to acts.