Let me begin with a line from “Sympathy for the Devil”  by The Rolling Stones.

….Hi, pleased to meet you, hope you can guess my name….


I’m a very very old soul. In fact there isn’t much anyone has ever been that I haven’t also put on the same shoes myself and learnt all that one learns in other shoes.  I think I can share one or two of my identities that I’ve been blessed to find memories still attached   with me now in my current life, that I am having (i think) here on what you call Earth.

She (earth) has had many identities over time and what we know as true of it is so limited we don’t know enough to even barely touch the surface of what is real on this Planet.

I myself in this time usually make light of it, as I do with anything serious. I prefer to call her a Plan It. I used to call her Terra but now they start wars about such and in truth that is exactly what the wars are about. Poor Terra she’s under a lot of stress, seriously I cried just typing that so that is all I’ll be allowing me to say about that.

I’ve known her as Utopia, Pan and Earth but honestly the list is endless and although it may sound important and I should speak of such, it isn’t important as the only one time that is important ever is any Now, and what’s not important is any past or future now.

My mission with this clumping together of old Information (data blocks) is to make it into a trampoline that may help anyone who wants to bounce or reach further if they so wish. I really don’t care about it for myself, in fact self care isn’t one of my strong points. I care because things from past are with me in my today.  I carry such as emotional baggage, well most I have shoved in dusty old and forgotten lockers at departure ports that we all use when we travel in and out of physical locations in various universes. I have accumulated in different shoes a lot of love that I am fond of,  hence the endless lockers I keep, as in between adventures I love to open them up and just lay with my smelly old stuff. (again i cry)

I’m very lucky as with my real lifes work (Souls Job), I get the opportunity to accumulate positive karmic debt, so much I have now I don’t think is possible to spend or balance such amounts, but it is like most Things to me, it’s just a toy that I don’t care much for. Here on this current Plan It, this life for me is a rare (very) Holiday. I not need do anything all my life except same as all do here. I still work for Caesar’s dollar to survive as unfortunate for me no physical bank will accept my Karmic checks, in fact here the balances are not looked at, it is only on entry and exit such is important, as it regulates what stamp one can try to collect on their passport or next adventure.

To not have to work well for me its very weird as I never really done this holiday thing before or been a place where I don’t have a set role or mission to complete and life here well I be polite as its your home so lets just say “mmm yes very nice, do you know what time the show finishes, I got a plane (dimension) I would like to catch.”

Let me add this here to add a bit of clarity. I work for money, as is normal here but when I say I don’t have to work I’m on holiday, I speak from my souls perspective. I know you all are likely to think that your job is at the supermarket, or your a lawyer or I am going to college so I may… but believe me or not I know and so does parts of yourself it isn’t your real job and it is not what you are actually doing. In fact who you believe you are (you would say know) is not who you are, oh you are all so so much more.

Most are here to learn of how to deal best with the gifts and dilemmas of life in a free will construct. It takes much past success to be granted entry to any Free Will Dimension and it a proud moment in any souls life to gain such. A successful mission to earn the universal widely valued and desired stamp that allows a soul not just entry but exit and reentry to free will plane creations isn’t a easy game, its probably one of the trickiest.

To come here and get out without racking up a pile of karmic debt is not usually something that takes one lifetime, in fact most here have been stuck for a longer periods of time that anyone could imagine. Lets just say more than many many lifetimes and if you want idea of how long that is, lets say relative to how long is many many then Dinosaurs and cave men were walking the street yesterday..

One last thing let me explain that I care about what others feel as once you yourself know a feeling then you can feel anyone whom feels such, by choice all you need to is look. Others feelings are what’s most important to me, I don’t care about myself here, I prefer other shoes than these Earth boots. In fact these boots I can’t wait to take of as they are darn heavy and I already own several well worn pairs, but I don’t want miss the show either.

Anyway back to story.. like I was saying, I spent up big and got a ticket here to watch the biggest show in all the known universes. Really its the hottest most anticipated play ever yet in any of the known Universes, its been booked out for eons already, hence why the place may seem a little fuller than most times in history.

I just say all above as It may help understanding my holiday pictures and why I have such shit on some of my boots that I wont be cleaning away as honestly I love the smell of old memories that I find in such. So now let me attempt to move on to the point of what is driving me to spend hours looking at old shoes in the closet and clearing the dust and attempt to shine what may still shine, and where shit still sticks, no worry I have some great lumps that I will tell you all about.

In my current Plan It earth life I’m rather shy but I was born with the shyness in place for good reason. If this shy reserved part of me was not then I wouldn’t be humble, I be too confident, cocky, domineering, dangerous and arrogant. This isn’t a guess, its a knowing.

I be this way as I am born knowing earth ropes and ways already, I am not here as most are, to learn how to deal with having Free Will. I have little desire for ownership of things, I work and earn, I don’t seek marriage or kids, I don’t want and purposely avoid anything that gives me a permanent attachment here.

I have a fear about one night as I had broken a long relationship that was causing me more pain than pleasure, but I was invited after, one Valentines day to come and share dinner and movie with my past lover. I was missing sex, so I was glad for the invite.

All was good and as is normal we ended up in bed, as I came part of me knew I just been done over and my blood was trapped, that part was very aware instantly and now very wide eyed and furious as I knew she would be pregnant from sex we were in the middle of having, I didn’t need think about it, nor was it some a fear I was having, I knew instantly!

I jump off and said what the F**k did you just do!??. I didn’t need explain my questioning subconscious or the sudden end of our love making to get the answer, she was well aware of the game that was just played out. Well part of her was at least, as my question was instant and full of force as was her instant reply, “well if I can’t have you, I will have your baby !!”

At the time it was an instant knowing she stole my seed on purpose to create with, later ones normal conscious takes hold and advises that is crazy, that can’t be known, you must be dreaming on goes life. Some months later I see her and she’s large obviously pregnant, we talk of it and she says she not sure who father such is. Later she had/has the child but someone else is on certificate and as far as all know thats that. I myself don’t ponder it usually as my little me brain says who knows, and hopes I was dreaming. In truth it was not a dream its a nightmare and I know.

I don’t know what that’s done to my karmic ties here as I’m well aware that having a child ties one to this place, its like a torch if I myself don’t get to end of race and complete obstacle course earth, my blood takes the batten and now runs, and blood I have here even if I cleared the course already, if all of my blood doesn’t then my blood can not depart this dimensional plane that earth sits on.

Anyway I tell myself I can’t know until I get back to departure port but I know I will need to sort it. I fear I maybe be stuck and forced back here and will need clear my bloods karma from this dimensions surface before I may be released for departure to the dimension where I booked already to go, and was going after my holiday here was done.

Clearing the blood isn’t what fears me, I’ve done such many times here as I’ve been here many times in many times. What I don’t like is having to again incarnate and have another life here. I can’t clear the blood now as it is still incarnated and potentially creating debts or attachments. He may reproduce himself and spill more blood, I can’t know until the lines been drawn and the roads are driven. The idea of a needing to incarnate again here is my worst nightmare or fear.

It doesn’t look or feel good, there is like a customs division or council that can enforce or adjust things like lost passports and mistakes or advise on travel plans, same crew that do the next life planning with you and they do the debriefs on arrivals and departures, maybe you can faintly remember the review of last life and the tally of debts. It’s a bit like a hotel check out really, in time one learns don’t drink from the mini bar as you will need to settle accounts after, such is normal and we all deal with them when getting on or off planes at inter-dimensional ports. They may see their way to be able to something but is nothing I can see for me to do now. All I know is it not great news and now let me bury it again and get on with story.

I lived all my life with what I can carry, I can let go of anything I have found here without a tear or concern for it, although I’m attached to Rossi leather boots, smokes and lighters. I refuse to own things except these and basic clothes and some comforts as to me I’m on holiday, just visiting. I do work 9-5 like most do, so I appear normal but behind that front is old memories that I don’t share, in fact this is the first anyone has ever heard any of what rattles in these old bones. Well first time heard by current souls with Earth boots here incarnated.




My Current Real Job

Life here now well I rather not bother, to me I know more, other and different. What I see here, how we all are, what we value, all this threw my eyes well it far from what in my perception seen as something good or pleasurable, but I’m spoiled brat. I been many places and I like what I like, if you all have seen and felt what my soul has, you too would wake up without the greatest joy when each morning you realise, yup I am here.

I’m not upset about being here, I’m more in shock what in time has become of her as I do know other times here, far far back, this place once was beautiful in fact it was even called Utopia, compared to Utopia, this is a rubbish dump and compared to Pan there’s no magic, but earth is the same physical location just a different time, a different now. I choose to come, maybe it’s true I already choose when and how to exit. Maybe we all do.

Please don’t be offended with me calling this a rubbish dump, you know if you live in nice suburb, then you go to the crap side of town and you must live there, you don’t look at your new home and say ahh I love it here, you just want go to what you believe, think of, have decided as better. True be it too, If you never knew of the good suburb you would probably love your home, until one day you see what’s over the fence.


Earth was always the most sticky of puzzles to crack or work out. I don’t think I ever got stuck.

 I instantly first wrote and now have amended that I had never been stuck here..

I halt this story and we pause so I can explain a few things as I can’t from here be sure if that’s true and this problem I have been dealing with for a while, this lack of physical proof is like another of worst nightmares coming true. I’m trying here to speak of times and places where parts of me have been and where the parts of me have not!

This body I type with, the conscious mind that drives here, what I or what is common to call or label as me who is in body and works 9-5  bla bla, was born and knows forty plus years history, and what I’ve read or seen on television. That is me, the conscious guy.

Within me I find is another consciousness, another me that I feel, my emotions I think are from this aspect. This part that I am always sitting with, although he lives in what you may say is like a imaginary box that I keep a lid on. This Inside of me, one of me, he has ideas and knowledge that flows and runs deep, the stories he tells me are out of this world and beyond this planet and total absolutely beyond belief but I have a skill. or so I’m told. I’m a system buster in another life and what great about that is this conscious me who has no direct memory of being this, has the skill set of a system buster.

(one of the best, I’m told I’m known to be)

It seems subconscious skills are what me in this life was born with and have control over. So I’ve spent over forty years using my skills testing this part of me that appears impossible and crazy and beyond belief. Look for ages its like you think, nope you know, your heads cracked. I probably more than most find it hard to believe anything ever unless I myself have done it and I learnt too, over I guess many lifetimes is best not to take someone’s word, better you prove stuff to yourself with your own hands and eyes. So I need proof from one aspect of me to another, now the concept of physical proof cant be given from something that exists beyond the physical, so I can’t ask for show me your Id or show me a file or sign here and declare, so it been a long test in fact I am only nearly believing myself now and to be honest, I demanded physical proof for a long time knowing it wasn’t possible, to save me from needing to accept the weight of my souls experiences. I’m on guard, analysing every tiny bit and after so many years, I can’t prove it isn’t right, in fact I can say I’ve have tried and tried to find a floor in all the wild stories and I can’t fault any of it. In fact much to my disbelief and amazement it all lines up, my skills, my intuition, my life, my luck, my likes and desires every little thing that conscious me typing away knows first hand lines up with wild impossible and crazy souls stories. I no proof but still not ever, even just a little, can I fault this darn wild hard to believe aspect that lives as part of me.

So what to do… I need trust it.. see where it goes.. I in truth am very limited in caparison, can’t say I know much myself about how the world began or why its the way it is for my forty odd years but I know. In fact I know so much, I used to think I was wise with my mind that operates fast and has intuition so sharp that to others I’ve always been able to appear wise as I can solve, fix or find the answer to pretty much anything, and I can normally answer a question before someone even asks. In truth I get help from soul, all I do is ask or make up the question and then I like magic find I can come up with  the answer. See the answer I don’t make, I find answers, once I investigated this and I found it is true that I don’t say the answer is, nor did it make sense to make up a question if I already know the answer. I come up with answers, I just form a question and soon as I form it, the answer comes up to me from someplace, someplace is Soul. I come up with Souls answer.

I just have this life but his skills, memories, emotions and likes, so much is shared I know it all as me but I also know I speaking from me who will die, my body, my conscious typing skilled man will pass but I wont die, the me with the memories and emotions of forever.

Ok so I diverted and explained what I hope defines what a me is, what we all are. I same as you all, well so far it seems I am the same as you. I cant be 100% sure as I’ve not first hand be you. But for my years of watching the you’s and me’s, yup we same. See what I’m like, I need clarity, a lot!

(99% chance, no data proving otherwise, still under test)

As I’ve said already, you learn over time you can’t take someone’s word or opinion and think you know a thing about it, there only one way to know what is or isn’t and that’s first hand. You need to do it, then you may know. Even then you don’t know, even after you just do it for the 189 time. You just know what was then at that time when you do it, always things change and if you do something again you learn stuff you missed, the temperature of the left toe or some stupid detail you never considered turns out to be the point that if you change it, on that day was the point that made the difference on that day and gave you the result you were trying to get.

I add  the “on that day  clause stuff as I explain because so many many many times I have declared I know how it is or I know the way this works, then I go and explain with such confidence that this is the way or I may even say this is best way ever ever ever. In time I been learning that always what I once thought was the answer changes, always new ways, different ways, more to it. Always!

Is like super natural and obvious to me as I listen, walk and feel, myself as two. I understand such is unheard and inconceivable, foreign and impossible sounding to most if not all. The biggest problem is you all seem to know or better maybe if I say you only accept that you are one aspect, Fred the painter or what ever. I get that me too for the longest time didn’t accept me as two as I didn’t want this to be true, I didn’t expect my subconscious to pass the testing, for the longest time I kept Soul in a box, used him when I needed but really didn’t accept he existed nor did I accept was anything but one of me inside myself. Now although he still shoved in a box the lids is left open a little as I begin to see how I managed to deny this rather large aspect a voice. Now as I grow to accept Soul as a part of myself, I find I’m up the creek with an turbo charged inboard motor, as Soul does pass every test, it all begins to make logical sense, this life and what was before this life. Here hold the paddles I don’t think I need them, and hopefully by the time I finished either will you.

What I carry is not easy thing to accept, Its far from what they taught me at school. Hard to accept is an understatement, just wait as I not even started to explain how true that is, but we will try every step of the way to be as clear as we can. I guess I carry a lot of something’s I learnt long ago, in other places and times far from where I now sit and type. I can say for sure is not stuff I learnt or was educated to know here this life. Most learn what they know from being educated and schools and books read and the experience of the days of this life had so far. Its also true that I know I like to show myself in my best light as I presume we all do. So believe me I am reasonably wise and in all this am attempting to be clear and precise as I explain truths I am failing to fault.

Now what I speak of in all this is from my emotional subconscious I guess, but that aspect can’t type so as me the conscious guy sitting here does the typing. I become wise that I’m not so wise, really I’m the wise ones secretary who was not around any of this. I have lived with listening to the memories and voice of my deeper knowing aspect so much sometimes I convince myself I’m the boss and not the secretary. I’m not sure whats correct to call it, subconscious fits as it below and under control of conscious me who is having a lifetime. I myself refer to it as Soul but that’s nearly correct so also wrong and so I need to define that too. Ahhhh 🙂

Ok back to defining things as I need to label or call or label this many life time memory aspect that is part of me now, something other than a me as there’s me and a me that will leave typing me one day and continue on.

(I presume as I first hand haven’t done that)

I call it my subconscious or Soul

Soul from what I learnt, it seems we separate at death, maybe too each night we sleep, again I can’t be sure as I not awake during such. Soul will discard ( I presume ) my/our/this body and his typing skill brain man (me) at death.

Soul just lets go of his vessel me, he may have another, I’m told this is correct, so instead of being a union of soul and me, I become Soul attached to a non physical body for use navigating the sees (spelling as see rather than sea done purposely) of non and other physical realms and planes, hard to say for sure, but in that vehicle if I looked at this one and compared, I think I choose the other. I’m not sure and can’t tell you for sure until I once again read the manual, but it sounds fantastic, sorry but I checked and is no brochures Soul has made for me to share of this other body, he gave me one example of it and he said to drive all he need do is put the key in and mind where he wants to go and he’s there. Flash Car I said, he said is more aptly called a Vessel that he boards and drives.:)

Ok enough defining for now let’s jump off this plan it and to my current job memories.


System Buster

I have spent many lifetimes here, nearly as many as some of the Original Souls who got stuck when they come here on missions to save the very first Souls who also got stuck when they came to protect Terra or earth from free will corruptions being introduced so many eons ago.

I’m told I am known in other places as a system buster, my skill is to finds cracks and ways that are not known. Impossible, Can’t and Must, they are my Church bells…or what drives and inspires me. I no room for these words for as anytime I hear them or have investigated what was claimed as an impossible, or a can’t or even a must, I have found the can’t to be a can if or a I don’t think I can, the impossible turns into well it was impossible if, or well I thought it look impossible so I didn’t try, and must dos.. well that’s someone opinion not necessarily a real thing or line drawn if one choose not to accept it as a must be, or a have to.

(Funny enough same is true of little typing secretary me.)

They send me always to where my brothers have already failed more than a few times. I (I am led to believe) only get the jobs that are classed as Impossible, no one else gets these ones as once they listed as impossible, either I crack them open and free my lost brothers or if I fail that system will be listed for destruction.

As I said the only jobs I get excited for are the impossible ones. Every time as I depart, there is row upon row of shaking heads, upon the ones who already went and failed, it is them I ask if they tried and used my theories that can’t fail that I have proven so many times work and are correct, always, everywhere. They say, yes they tried but they not work on this type of system, we need some other tool designed for this place. They say I head toward a known impossible way with my impossible to be correct theories.

I am sent missions and each time they just result in showing my theories are correct to all and the many who doubt my theory’s of everything. I Know my theories are correct. They been used by me every time in what was said as a can’t be done. I know such works always in all places. Even in all places that such doesn’t exist, again and again I prove once again my theories are correct. In time this way of living is an already known way and I become bored and frustrated as every time I have been sent to find the way when all before me can’t hear* it used… I know that that’s exactly the place where many cracks appear…. listen for these if you grow tired of going the same way and end up with the same results.

*(I say hear, to me it looks like me doing a typing error, Soul advises me not to fix my typing error as it isn’t one)*

We (Soul said change it to We….. then just adding this in brackets I’m told isn’t good enough….. so I change first word of this sentence from I’m to We are)….  We are throwing another pause in here as I like to explain live what is occurring,…. me, being who I am said, “this isn’t good enough”…. I requested that we should have a better way to know, as I was concerned about me just believing me in my head.

Soul touches me like a cool breeze, I cry and find I hug myself but it’s soul hugging me with my arms. We establish contact, I find I put out my arms and say ok soul lift right arm up if you can hear me, he does, I do many tests, he passes, I now have a basic way of asking yes or no questions that I use when I doubt my own words or voice inside…

Again lets get back to story….

Apparently many of my missions have been on earth, in times long before our history speaks of, some are other dimensions, some are in other universes, planes or planets. I’m told on earth it is rare to get send in on a mission and to make it back out. I’m told in fact is few that make it out, most that try have been stuck here is this system of control for such a very long time, so long ago that all have forgot life ever existed for them before it.  I am also told that I am some expert in getting in and out of here and have already have tested the best ways for getting in and out of earths sticky environment where just about all that is clings.

I will leave talk of system buster life now, I’m bored with talking about it and I’ve shared enough to give you my reader some idea about that once upon a time.




This quick one, Soul he hears each word before it is spoken, he see all actions before they begin, he can see ahead in time, and back in time. I recently learnt he can change things in a past and also can move ahead to what is yet to be. Yes, can modify what will be in time even before its time is due and yes he can change what was after it occurs. This I still grasp to comprehend, to me this is fascinating as it new, and I devour new, I can never have enough newness, where most cling to what is known already or was. I guess it is more standard way for most to cling to what they think they know best. I myself prefer to go past this and enjoy putting my toes into what ever I believe I don’t know.

I also find some things I do that seem different than most, I find I’m not one who goes after or will chase things. I no need or desire to be one in control. I bank on wind blowing by chance what I may need in my tomorrows. I don’t really plan anything, this story isn’t planned it just became, it started from Soul and me writing pages and pages of disconnected information that we been weaving together since as a story. I sure do a lot of daydream building but plans although they maybe good for reference I don’t do, but do what you want, I just explain here my truths or ways I get my latest best results from.

I limit appointments to one day ahead, If times right or if something is correct or meant to be then room will open for me to have or access it.

I have never once have tried to save money, in fact I do the opposite. I try to make sure each month any excess is used before more arrives.

I don’t budget or schedule.

My best plan is always no plan. I dream often but walk with no plan.

I think aiming for set in stone goals creates weight, wait and delays. Dream goals will come close when their time is ripe. In fact they seem to knock on ones door.

This is all second nature to me.

I was born with these odd ways of navigating life and I’m super stubborn and can’t be told. Many times as I grew up I was told such ways are irresponsible, but it’s my way and I don’t change my way until such times as I see for myself my way as wrong. No matter how many times others may say that’s wrong and regardless of the ways all know or think as correct.

So now let’s continue…. Lets jump to the beginning of time itself… that Soul whispers to me often about.


Memories from the early days of Creation.

(The wonder years)

I not one to give up and eventually I went back to the original building blocks we first formed that sparked life into our creations and applied what I expected and thought was a one time forever fix to the reoccurring problems that we found in time forming.

First we noticed just the tiniest of cracks forming over time in all of creation.

As time went on, little cracks that we didn’t consider a big deal and accepted as normal part of the effects of time on life caused us to grow more and more concerned as these cracks became bigger and bigger, these cracks then become giant holes in the foundation of all life.

Then we kept noticing all kinds of unexpected life forms inside our creations. Life that didn’t seem to even have the basic skills needed to survive and flourish without outside help grew in number.

We now had Life forms who only purpose seemed to destroy life. They were prospering and growing in numbers by taking away and stealing the life of other forms.

Life forms we never even designed now became part of creation. “Bugs” we called this new life form we did not design, that now infested everything.

We noticed in every little crack, more and more bugs, each generation seemed bigger and even more destructive to all we had created.

In the beginning we only knew of life and forever, death was not even an idea. We had no word for death and it shocked us. In time, death became as real and common as life itself. We lost more life from our creations, every day we discovered more death.

Where once we only pondered ways of making new, more complex versions of life, now we became for the first time ever afraid of life itself.

Fear and loss were born.

Concern for life, this too was new as once was no such thing as concern, wrong or worry. Once we didn’t know how valuable a thing we had, now we forever miss that time when forever and never ending was standard and all that we knew.

For the first time such things as fear, anti life, stealing, death, sickness, invade, scum, loss, destruction, ruin, disease, dominate, attack, virus, and deformed were known or became.

Much was becoming real to us. 

Life and creation once brought us nothing but endless joy, now it became a drama, a problem, and still it is hard to even look inside creation, as nothing now is barely recognizable or formed as we originally designed it to be.

These original blocks are known as the foundation, the beginning that give rise to all life, all that ever was created, then and still now sits upon these original blocks.

Wow is all can say! Its here pretty much untouched and the same as my hands spun it from Souls word as I no real modern day reference to analyse its truth. It came all at once and at pace and the clarity in it once I read what I wrote amazed me. Soul is either a fantastic story teller or he been threw some wow times.



The aspects and splits I am becoming aware of, that are known and existing for real in me and my daily life. I see same in all of us. I’m not made different, is same box as everyone else. Two legs, Two arms, same standard operating system. I want to say also as we all split into two separate awareness, I want to say maybe there is three, but I just use my weird humor and say we all have one to free separate awareness.

I’ve learnt some of the tricks of how I have refined the art of deceiving myself into a endless illusion of oneness that does not exist. I see clearly the same deceptions played out in others.

This is old old news to me is very apparent, once I may of wanted to force aspects in others to separate corners and then ask a few questions. To force realization is more than one inside you. I battle myself pretty hard, so when I try take same arguments outside and work them onto others, it usually gets pretty hostile. Hopping mad I can make anyone who’s ears I aim. I can load words like bullets, and I not found anyone ever who walk as I do. (Update 1/3/2015 I have now)

I don’t usually bother shoot, push or corner aspects of anyone outside of myself, I once did, I guess I was a bit scary and the inner parts of people knew damn well stay clear of this one, he loaded gun, he can wound and upset our balance we try so hard to keep.

Its as clear as can be to me, doubt about is long gone. I don’t need test the theory, that’s I’ve done many times. All I may do now is leave a clue, drop hints, maybe send quick flashes of understanding, maybe I expose a truth that is up front but totally covered and its owner had never considered that anyone outside of them self can see the growing covered up trash pile of stuff that not fit inside what they know of them self. I tend to answer people before they ask, after I leave I hope they wonder, how he do that.

Nothing is alone, nothing is one, once you past nothing, one is no more, Everything is, All or nothing, is no other ways. One is a step, one is the very first step, let go of the step one, nothing to fear, let go of the step, let go of this idea that your nothing, or your just one and let go too while your at it that one day one will come as your here but asleep. In fact we are probably more awake when we are sleeping.

Most times if I need to make some truth appear I just peel away a bit of bullshit and put a mark, put a scratch or small rip in the top covering of someone’s belief, not enough to force the truth, but enough to say, hey maybe look here. I know as I put a scratch in someone’s known truth they will run most times to cover the leak. They must or their nice little reality will start to break down.

Here I will end this but I drop these little hints to let you ponder your oneness illusions. All are sure they are one, all are probably sure this text has become delusional, part of you probably right now is fighting not to be noticed, part will fight this text, part of you knows this, part of you exists too that you can’t accept. All these parts are aware of each other, but as you think you are but one, they work together as best they able as if they one so not to disturb your wish.

So let me begin here to show you hopefully some guidance that may open the way to your own realization that you are not one. Not that I think a realization is what’s required as I think we already know, I think more we need to corner our aspects and prove without doubt truths as we don’t hear as we have fingers in  our ears, we have blocked our own way from seeing the light of day.

I used to think I was clever as I could come up with just about any answer to any question, I think it is funny how we don’t say answer is.. , we say I come up with an answer. Humor me and look at this. I come up WITH answers. That implies more than one as we say with. I know I make questions and come up WITH answers.. I come up with answers from Soul.

Or how about when you think to your self.. You think TO your self, again is a sign of more than one.

Or the alarm goes off, you lie in bed and inside your own head you go, oh I should get up now…who are you speaking? To your self I speaks! Again not just one here.

Even you start forget is all lie and fall blissfully unaware that all you know how to do is form a question and faster than you could click your fingers up comes the exact answer.. dada.. I’m clever you proudly claim to anyone listening, if not you say to even your self omg i am magic, you may even hear someone clapping, wait am I talking myself, no stop that, people will think I must be crazy.

How many times do you turn your head look at just the right time at whatever, like I just did then to see a spider in a direction I was not looking or you may think of someone and they ring, or you ring someone and they say oh I was going to ring you. You sense and feel more than is possible with just the little one you who you think is all there is in you.

Or how about…..I should start putting some thought into Fred’s birthday in June, um whats the date… oh yes same as Clair’s the 6th June. wow lucky I remembered that …. Remembered from where, just pops in your head, from where, oh you say it just came from nowhere? Just pops into your head from out of the blue, well least you admit it pops or comes and wasn’t something you made up, or found.

Lets try this, if you think about something, you question its angles, looks, aspects, and history.  You who you say you are, has no information here, somehow information arises within you as you form a question or query. Somewhere someone works on an answer to your question, you would not form a question if you knew answer, you form it to discover an answer, somehow like magic, you with little awareness gets perfect answer that just floats on up in to your head. You knowing full well that the answer just comes from no place, you know just from within you it comes, it happens so fast and so often, you never think about it more than, think question, receive answer, maybe on a blue moon you be amazed at how great your answers are when they appear, but true is it too there is no moon that may come that will make you admit, all you ever did was make up a question and you were given and received an answer.

In truth I think we all know but is far easier to close eyes to all that deep stuff and just mind own business, play secretary to soul/self and stick to what is known. Stay with the plan as without it things get a little too crazy and we sure don’t want others to think we weird or different.

There is no end or beginnings is only ever mores.



You may draw a line and say this is the starting line.. off they go and as they approach the finish line… Some line different view.

Or if they different places and isn’t a circular race, I ask where are you after you are past the finishing line, or where were you as you approached the start?

A round an a round and around

(many times)


Nicky. Nicky. Nar. Nar.


Do you know now who I am?

Is Easy Sherlock

Elementary dear Watson?

I’m everywhere. I am that giant

Element In the Room!

That no one can see.


Lets Begin Again