Tools to Awaken

remember all those dead/missing Doctors…ONE SURVIVED! (This is a long lecture exposing facts about aluminum and radioactive chemicals in chemtrails designed to kill us progressively, mercury in vaccines (he says Bill Gates increased the mercury in vaccines and sent them to the Chinese) and lead which passes the placental barrier to destroy the brain tissue of babies in the womb and certainly the mother as well. He was using instruments to detoxify patients until the government goons moved in on him and took them away. Another chemical killing us is Round-up by Monsanto. All these are responsible for the diseases we are suffering and dying from, loss of memory, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc., all reinforced by the radiation (cell phones, etc.) we have been hoodwinked into carrying (I do not!). Save this video until you have time to watch it. There are some mass murderers out there that we must remove


What and Why is happening in World This third interview is stunningly informative about what’s really going on in the middle east and more. Who’s pulling who’s strings, the royals, the bloodlines, everything. Why there was a huge shift in the middle east in 2013, why the Muslim Brotherhood were kicked out of power in Egypt, what the plan for the region really is and how the PTB intend to get there and why.


How to be beyond all influence This is an amazing little video demonstrated by Chi Master Lama Dondrup Dorje on how we can be beyond all influence when we cultivate our true nature.

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