Hey are you.. Awake ?

We only use 10 percent of our capacity.

The other 90% will become active when we awaken the consciousness that completes our creation. “God” in the sense of metaphor, has left the ball in our court, he needs to wait for our move, and that move is part of our evolution. When you put your hand in the fire – one gets burned, and feels the pain. We are still (as a whole species) feeling that pain and have not learned how to use our our collective “body” well enough to know how to remove the hand from the fire. But it is sure burning. Eventually, like any individual, the hand will be swiftly removed, and an awareness of how to prevent that pain will remain in place of that pain. This is the process of conscious evolution — it works very similarly on an individual and a collective level.

The pain is needed to learn to avoid the things that cause the pain, or else ignorance will rule our actions (as is obviously the case currently).

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