How Close Do You Look?


How Close Do You Look?

How close do you look?

How far do you see?

How deep are you willing to go?

Are you enraptured with beauty from a distance? Are you romancing an image?

What do you think it takes to sink in and let your soul win?

Many are chosen if they are willing to choose.

Choosing means going the distance and cracking open a new world.

Pearls of wisdom drip, from this, nature’s wondrous trip.

When Humans walk the earth

Dissolving their shells of low self worth, the days of war cease.

Treat yourself to the experience Of love tingling through your cells lifting Society’s spells.

Make a discovery.

How can a Being that is all knowing

Shining with the brilliance of Starlight forget?

Disconnection seeks protection.

There’s a predilection for perfection.

Divinity implores unlock fears doors.

Down deep in the keep, the child sleeping, awakens,

Opening heart lines, merging all time.

Souls fragments come home welcomed with love’s embrace.

Regeneration takes place, linking earth, air, fire, water and ether.

The elemental design shines.

How close are you willing to look?

How deep are you willing to go?

A new world appeals..

The earth feels…The Soul seals.

Our True essence is revealed.

Poem © Linda D. Sajiw, January 5th, 2003.


When we know our soul’s purpose we have a vision that sees beyond the physical and beyond this now time. Our purpose is not something we discover from outside of ourselves through inheritance, a marriage to someone else or from being part of a group. It is something we receive from our God-essence. For example when I was doing a career as an artist I had a lot of things that just didn’t work out. This was because I wasn’t fully aware of my Higher Purpose, at least not when I started out. The art was a tool to get me there. I knew about the laws of attraction and had to go deeper in order to discover why I was attracting some of the really strange stuff that was showing up in my physical world. This forced me to look beyond my physical reality and begin to awaken those parts of me that I had shut down. I learned to heighten my awareness and to align my resonance with the truth of who I am and my soul’s vision.

This is what is necessary to have the physical manifestation in the world. When I started to focus on living my soul’s purpose I started to have the support in my world for whatever level I needed. Our soul’s purpose is our own and not something that can be taken from us. As we integrate our Soul’s energy with our physical embodiment things start to happen in the outer reality. We come home. We bring the light of our Heaven Self into form. As long as we are ungrounded still in separation from our God-essence others can try to live life through us and draw from our energy like psychic vampires. When we surrender, engaging our Soul to do the work of clearing our path the work we do in the physical world starts to flow.

Understand that we are up against layers of resistance in the mass consciousness that is fear based. We are in a time where having the integration with our Soul energy could save our life. This takes discipline, a lot of patience and a lot of love. It means being willing to do whatever it takes to to wake up our consciousness. No one can do that for us.

I present these questions to ask yourself:

How far reaching is your vision? How deep are you willing to go? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your purpose and speak your Truth even though you may have people who leave your life or ridicule you calling you crazy? Are you willing to work towards something that you may not see in your lifetime?

If you choose to go deeper you will always have the support every step of the way. It will come in ways that you least expect and not always physical. Believe me if you have a vision that serves the greater whole, something that is more than just self serving, you have the attention of those that I call the upper crew. Divine Intervention does happen and there fails to be any such thing as Luck!

With love and blessings,

© Linda D. Sajiw, January 17, 2006.