Love is

Like a flower that has perfume you smell it or pass it by.

That flower is for everybody and for the one who takes trouble to breathe it deeply and look at it with delight.

Whether one is very near in the garden or very far away, it is the same to the flower because it is still full of that perfume and therefore it is sharing it with everybody.



Love is something that is new, fresh, alive.

It has no yesterday or tomorrow.

It is beyond the turmoil of thought.

It is only the innocent mind that knows what love is,

and the innocent mind can live in the world which is not innocent.

Girls can do anything!

What is love, the word is so loaded and corrupted that I hardly like to use it.

Everyone talks of love, every magazine and newspaper talks of everlasting love.

I love my Country, I love pleasure, I love my wife, I love God….

Is love an idea?, If it is it can be cultivated, nourished, cherished, pushed around, twisted in any way you like.

When you say you love your wife. In that love is involved sexual pleasure,

the pleasure to have someone in the house to look after your kids, to cook, you depend on her,

she has given you her body, her emotions, her encouragement, a certain feeling of security of well being.

Then she turns away from you, she gets bored or goes off with someone else, and you entire emotional balance is destroyed,

and this disturbance, which you don’t like is called jealousy.

There is pain in it, anxiety, hate and violence.

So what you are really saying is..

‘as long as you belong to me I love you but the moment you don’t I begin to hate you.

As long as I can rely on you to satisfy my demands, sexual and otherwise, I love you,

but the moment you cease to supply what I want I don’t like you.’

heart-fractal-fire by Le9ion at Photobucket

This belonging to another, being psychologically nourished by another,

depending on another – in all this there must always be anxiety, fear, jealousy, guilt, and so long as there is fear, there is no love,

a mind ridden with sorrow will never know what love is, sentimentality and emotionalism have nothing whatsoever to do with love,

so love is not to do with pleasure and desire.

Love is not the product of thought (which is the past).

Thought cannot possibly cultivate love. Love is not hedged about and caught in jealousy, for jealousy is of the past

. Love is always active present. It is not ‘I will love’ or ‘I have loved’

If you know love you will not follow anybody.

Love does not obey.


When you love there is neither respect or disrespect.

. In this torn desert world there is no love because pleasure and desire play the greatest roles,

yet without love your daily life has no meaning, and you cannot have love if there is no beauty.

Beauty is not something you see – not a beautiful tree, a beautiful picture, or a beautiful woman.

There is beauty only when your heart and mind know what love is.

Without love and that sence of beauty there is no virtue,

and you know very well that do what you will, improve society, feed the poor,

you will only be creating more mischief, for without love there is only ugliness and poverty in your own heart and mind.

But when there is love and beauty,

whatever you do is right,

whatever you do is in order.

If you know how to love,

then you can do what you like because it will solve all other problems.

A mind that is seeking is not a passionate mind and to come upon love without seeking it is the only way to find it

– to come upon it unknowingly and not as the result of any effort or experience.

Such a love, you will find, is not of time, such a love is both personal and impersonal,

is both the one and the many .


To find this extra-ordinary thing which man has sought endlessly through sacrifice,

via worship, through relationship, through sex, through every form of pleasure and pain,

is only possible when thought comes to understand itself and comes naturally to an end. Then love has no opposite, then love has no conflict.

But you don’t know how to come to this extra-ordinary fount – so what do you do?

If you don’t know what to do, you do nothing, don’t you?

absolutely nothing.

Then inwardly you are completely silent.

Do you understand what that means?

It means you are not seeking

not wanting,

not pursuing

 there is no center at all.

Then there is love



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