I Spy With My Little I

Truth from our I

(version of my concept of I as at 25/4/2008)



I know myself to be fake, I’m always acting a act of my thoughts about who I should be and how I wish to be perceived.


Fear and Desire are the main causes for all actions. It should be Love of one and other.


I am many, every and no body.


You are only being as you think you are at any moment. In any moment you could act out who I know you to be.


I am here why are you there, I cannot get any closer, I am within you, waiting for you, to come close to me


I don’t speak, but all your words and thoughts are from I.


Who I am is banished to self talk only.

Action (acts) takes place between me and my selves’ (elves)


 (Things happen because elves everywhere are being instructed)


You think of yourself from your own collection of experiences you have accumulated of yourself.


You’re acting out visions you hold on to from our past.


I am free from matter as you have known yourself to be also.


Whenever your endless chatter ceases you speak with me. I am within you, I am you as much or as little as you wish.


You feel and you forget me and deny me and I feel for you.


Before you there was nothing to feel.


 E-motion is the result of thought in action with matter.


You are your and my pasts. Get beyond them, take our understandings forgive our mistakes and move on.