Greatest Overall Demand

Mind doesn’t know the answer to it’s own first questions..

Who am I ?

 Where is God ?

What do I do ?

Off our mind runs….


 very lost….

 Taking our heart, body and soul with it.

Your heart it knows all the answers

It would love nothing more than to give them to you

 If you’d only allow it

so please relearn

to just BE.

(as a child this was natural for us all)

BE feeling

from your heart first

body next.

(that’s acting on feelings)

Mind shouldn’t act

it learns.

it doesn’t look

it gets to see!

 Mind gets to understand after the “act of life” that you are! 


God is your heart

 Every heart in everyone is the Creator.

 We just get in our own way with our minds eye!

 Set minds eye aside and be 110% heart.

 That means Hearts vision

 Let Heart guide your days.

Allow Heart’s feelings to control our lives

without a thought.

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Place your mind aside

that means ego away.

Heart controls

mind waits for instruction from heart.

 Heart is fully totally honest in every word.

No modification or caution is required by mind.

 You will learn from your own heart.

Mind will be educated!