Lets be Honest

Let’s be honest…. I think we all know or at least somewhat feel that this planet we inhabit, this life style that we live is in decline, we’ve ruined our environment, we are just starting to reap what we have all done in our who gives a shit, life styles. Things are going to get a lot worse so fear not we will notice eventually.


Signs of this decline are abound, our weather, our wars, our hatreds, our sick society, our love of violence and drama, our life styles in a box, the increase in separation from one and another, our lives are becoming more and more separated from natural nature every moment.


I’m not happy, but is anyone on this Earth really happy, we all get bits of joy, now and then but deep inside we all hurt, we age, we lose our youths sparkle, our drive, dreams and hopes for life change and ideas of how life will be for ourselves as we go along fail to live up to previous hopes we all once held..


We get dissatisfied with our own life that we hunt down and take on another’s life in the hope that by making them happy, they will in return, fulfil our own needs and that we will then find happiness in another, but after a while this hope fails to hold us so we again turn towards another dream to solve our misery, we seek to find happiness in creating a family.


We can’t handle so much dissatisfaction with our own lives so it forces us to take on the role of parents and to have children so we can give up living for ourselves and place all of life’s hopes and dreams on to the futures of another. Of cause this is very much unspoken and a somewhat semi conscious decision, I guess that even to state as much as possible will cause much disgust.


So we grow old, outwardly acting happy in our successes of family building and upbringing, nearer to death we march, which we now embrace as the new light of hope of finally reaching that happiness that seems to of ever eluded us in life.


None of this is talked about let alone realised as true, but on it goes and even this death finds us in a void that returns us once again to seeking birth and hope of a new life to solve our souls desire that we eternally seek.


Somewhere, I believe along this line we are missing a turn, missing the answer to our woes. We have missed this turn for so long now, so many lives we have had going around and around, that this cycle is now seen as the normal way of going.


Maybe a part of our problem is that we lie to ourselves and each other, hide the truth of our misery from our own being and one another, seeking not to be depressive, trying to hold our heads up, being positive, acting as if we are not in pain, maybe these acts of bullshit, blinds us to the answers we need to seek.

Andrea;)  (I had this blocked as i was afraid of being seen as negative.  but after today’s words… Lemuria, Pangea etc … i am allowing it up, it was written quite some time ago)

One thought on “Lets be Honest

  1. Personally, I reckon it comes down to the philosophy you live by. If its the right one, You should be happy. Pity most people are sheep and have forgotten how to think for themselves. Reckon thats were a lot of it comes from.
    Me, I live by the viking code.
    Hang on. Listen. The Vikings used to believe that the gods new when you were gonna die. They just didn’t tell you. So the vikings worked on the idea that if you had a set time to live, no matter what you did, Do what you want. Your gonna die anyway, why not have some fun along the way?
    Thats just me.

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