Soul Wakes

Well after about 40 years of me being unable to find fault in any thing ever of all the endless and outlandish stories that Soul speaks. I made the decision that Soul has by default proven himself to be real.

So I decided to trust him and began documenting past existences by finding his words could flow from my hands.

So I typed what he knew as truth. This led to random blocks of words flowing out rapidly. Faster than I could type let alone make up as they came so so fast. This then I could read and in turn question, which brought about more rapid forming data blocks that brought me, his reader and writer, understandings of the story being told.

Needless to say but the truth ran deep and somehow it made sense also to what I had personally experienced, find I have talents in and feel in my current life time, which I never knew prior as something logical. It also made me aware that what I had thought before as obviously impossible to be realistic knowings that had always filled my mind as some fantasy I had made up, to be actual memories and not fantasy. Problem here was now I had to accept such classed by myself as impossible, not only as possible but true recall of past realties I had lived.

So now I am faced with being aware of how creation itself was constructed, how I personally was involved in such, how over time I had played various roles, which once I analysed and questioned all became a single road from the beginning of time itself to my life right now in this time. Not only that but I also know from my own realisation the same holds true for us all here that think we live a one minded life. I’m also made aware how I once had known as a fact was nothing but one of me, was in reality a coping mechanism that allowed me and us to entertain what is in fact truth as pure fantasy and impossible imaginations.

So now where once my life didn’t make sense and appeared random. I found in fact was all a planned road that for the first time in this lifetime am finding myself compelled to walk. To walk such road I need my wisdom onboard as little me who knew life as random events don’t have the tools or strength of abilities that such mind boggling a walk will require. I now also have been made aware after just my initial baby steps of some of the capabilities we have, when I allow this aspect that lives on after and prior to me, have a voice in the me/us in this now.

So we say ok soul let’s try to walk together rather than me just in control of all. So I begin by trying to define how we can communicate, and because I requested, I get confirmation that such is possible, which again blows one mind when now I find me as two. This first opening of communication is limited as I am yet to know what is possible, but even my limited first steps amaze, scare and fear how will I ever get anyone to comprehend what I now know. I’m also aware how strange and hard it will be for whom I may and will need to allow to perceive me enact this all as a reality whilst rejecting what was once for me, and still is others as the normal and correct way to acts.




The Innocent.


I am concerned there are too many of us programmed incorrectly by the medi@ and the program is too deep for many to know they are programmed.

We need to break a hole in this program, if only for a moment, so as to allow some seed of truth to enter.

I guess best explain what’s the tool that is being used against the entire planet? …. The tool being used is fear, endless fear.

Currently it is fear of a invisible something, the invisible grim reaper of death is hiding in every Corner Store and Pub, It’s in the church, in the park and at the football, it comes to your BBQs, your birthday parties and hangs out at the beach too.

Fear is used to make you accept giving up what is normal, Fear is being used to make you throw away what is normal and accept something other than normal, some “new normal” (if you behave).

This is like a prisoner who has behaved and is now/soon allowed out (for now) to see their friends and family…your so lucky….

The innocent is the prisoner, under house arrest. and if they behave, they are allowed out (a bit)…. come on… this is crazy!

You don’t ‘normally’ qu@rantine the good, you quar@ntine the sick. The whole darn world, doing stuff, based on some extreme measures another non western country apparently did, what the…..  it’s not a by-chance happening. This is a well hatched, world wide, orchestrated plan. Just for two weeks, flatten the curve, just lies even to begin with.

Wait a minute, look at this stuff….many countries are being pushed//asked to be tracked and traced, you the innocent, we not asking the weirdo p€do or r@pist to be tracked and traced, nope just you the innocent.

Over and over they repeat the same stuff until I hear all of us repeating the same darn stuff. You gota see this, surely.

Flatten the curve, WTF.. that’s the media saying that, over and over… why are you saying it… and don’t tell me it’s the new normal.

It’s endless, just before was OMG All of Australia is on fire, China China, Orange man bad, Clim@te change, glob@l warming, Fanny Mae, Biggest storm in decades, Economic doom, House price’s crisis, GFC, 911, Y2K, Brexit, a Bird flew, Swine something….. pigs R’s to all of it, we just want to be happy, go away.

Been months now and none of us have a gone a day without hearing about some darn viru§, why is this? It is programming! The media has been weaponised. It is more obvious at this time to see the cracks, as this age old well hatched plan,pushes forward, faster than it ever has before.

It’s the new normal, The new darn normal isn’t normal it is very abnormal and that’s obvious, so why tell us over and over it’s the new normal?Seems someone is trying hard to have us accept it as so. Oh and social distancing is not social it is forced physical separation and its not 2020 its 1984 and a boots stomping right now on our heads. (as planned)

boot painting_1

The media aims to increase the level of fear and confusion everyday … They not promoting and rarely mention how many survived or are cured, in fact possible cures are being suppressed and made harder to access. If you notice they mostly focus on fear factors, the infected and the dead. I don’t care if there is a v!rus or not..or where it came from, the aim is to increase fear and control, the details are not worth arguing about.

The media has been caught exaggerating and manipulating the truth and flat out lying many many times, things usually are not how they are presented, they are not there doing good deeds and trying to keep the whole world safe, if that was so we be free from hunger and poverty on this planet eons ago. They are there to tell you what and how to think.

…..Fear and a increased sense of hopelessness and a loss of control. Ever changing truths, confusion and isolation…separation from them you care and love…….for your own good?… I think not.

Put you in fear and you will give up freely your freedoms, give up just about anything to have it over. Just want to get back to normal, that is all anyone wants, and we will do just about anything in the hope of regaining that normality back in our lives as we watch it vanish from us.

….. BTW something never wants you to have your normal life ever again and you won’t if ‘they’ have their way.

I not about to go into what a they or a something maybe. It is enough to know if a something is in action or not. Is it suspect and fishy? Does it feel wrong and unnatural?. Honestly is little need of deeper digging than that. To do so is just another distraction from what can be seen and known by you now.

From here it’s just more of the same, it will be the next planneddemic, the next wave, next global issue, more fears, more controls, more outbreaks, more lock downs, more rules, more new normal that we just have to accept or else even more bad somethings will occur, and if you don’t just accept it now then it just be even worse later and your just making it harder on everyone else.

Something out there wants you to throw away any concept of what was normal for something new, something other than normal, at present they about to let the leash out a little, but I assure you, until the leash is removed, forever it will keep getting pulled back.

It scares the crap out of me that we all took to being reined in so fast and so readily, the innocent are so trusting and a forever hopeful lot. Giving up freedoms, history knows, we don’t go there, it’s a slippery slope that just has us giving up more and more and forever more in exchange for less and less of what we already once had.

I suspect it’s all for one reason, some new One Wor!d government kinda system that needs you to give up your freedoms for the sake of everyone else and will offer them back somewhat as rewards, if your good and comply.

You will enter a digital world, a bit like hunger games. A world where you will be tracked and traced and monitored and governed by @I controlled social apps where you earn (or not) your right to live, such will limit where you may go and how much freedom you are allowed.. God help the children of tomorrow if this nightmare keeps rolling on out.


It’s not a new today thing, it’s been rolling out for decades, centuries maybe even, I not sure, what I am sure of, such loss of freedom if not all just lost within our lifetime, such losses will grow and grow and in generations to come, any freedom or even the idea of it, will be lost from humanity forever.

You the innocent are under attack right now. You don’t need fight, just you being awake to the game being played is enough to stop it.

Censorship is in overdrive, you won’t find truth in your TV programming or the main stream media, it’s in your heart, stop and listen to it, it has the ability to guide you threw any storm. (such is hard to do if in fear I know)


Good luck..




Fear Knot.






…just the first 7mins of video above should be enough to alarm anyone…

Be Kind to your own self.


Is 2 things that is unique in us from every other life form. We have a voice and a creative mind. Most of the time we miss even our own thoughts, stop doing that, catch them in the act.

Check they are words your creator would like to hear you saying. Speak only words that would make your God (in any form) smile. Imagine he could hear you when you speak to thyself.

Most often is a million negative thoughts about others but even more so about our own selves playing like some endless scratched record. Stop it. Stop the attack going on in your own mind.

That’s all you need to do. The rest takes will take care of itself.

Not so easy to still the nagging internal chatter, the one most apparent when you shower and lay to rest. Its been with you all your life and has never shut up for barely a moment.

Try to catch each and every negative conversation you have, especially the ones nobody but yourself hears. Stop the words before you lose your mind and babble on.

Stop having these negative thoughts, you can do it.

They spring up endlessly and invade your natural peace, they seem to come from no place.

Use force to help you evict them from your consciousness. NO don’t hit yourself in the head, rather make a simple short personal sentence of how you would like to see your self being and replace each negative thought with such sentence.

If you can change you mind the world you and I see will also be changed.

The road to the better place is within your own mind and the only blockage is there as well.

Remove it.

Rize up from within.


belly button

Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. He continues that there were three genders: man, woman and the “Androgynous”. Each with two sets of genitalia with the Androgynous having both male and female genitalia. The men were children of the sun, the women were children of the earth and the Androgynous were children of the moon, which was born of the sun and earth. It is said that humans had great strength at the time and threatened to conquer the gods. The gods were then faced with the prospect of destroying the humans with lightning as they had done with the Titans but then they would lose the tributes given to the gods by humans. Zeus developed a creative solution by splitting humans in half as punishment for humanity’s pride and doubling the number of humans who would give tribute to the gods. These split humans were in utter misery to the point where they would not eat and would perish so Apollo had sewn them up and reconstituted their bodies with the navel being the only remnant harkening back to their original form. It is said that when the two find each other, there is an unspoken understanding of one another, that they feel unified and would lay with each other in unity and would know no greater joy than that.

Rules (from gothictypus)

I don’t know THE way.

I been learning there is always another way and is never one way only.

Whatever I know for sure isn’t ever sure as later it changes, but I will say for sure that I know things.

Everything I ever knew, always changes (usually right at most embarrassing moment possible)

…..This gets me so much, as I’m sure of so much from ways once walked but always much to my disgust, ways change, so if you need be correct, never just do as I often do and expect same result. Keep ears open.

I hate being wrong, but do the same thing the same way enough times, you will find that way you once knew as the best of the best ways ever ever wasn’t the best way, was just the way it was once.

Past is great for reference only.

Ideas wear thin after a while. Eventually Ideas seem to break down.

No logic for this but it is a known and beyond doubt.

Just because a reason can’t be found doesn’t mean a working method is wrong.

When no solution can be found that doesn’t mean there is no solution! It just proves more understanding needs to be learnt. Or/And current understanding is incomplete and limited. I find errors are in original understandings requiring corrections that have slight errors or there is code corruptions someplace usually nearly correct definitions being built upon leaking life to unexpected places in constructs.

Adding or More is not a permanent solution to anything ever.

(no logic, 95% sure.)

Anything added later in time always creates problems later. These are great for rapid temp fix but don’t think it’s a permanent fix.

(adding stuff is my superglue.)

Super Glue isn’t super or even glue in time.

Revisit Solved Problems and Refresh Working Ideas.

All Ideas On Any Systems Wear.

What was exact once upon a time, wont be exact at some other time.

On my best day I only can be close as I can to nearly perfect for that day.

Use Daydream Planning. Test, look and listen and learn to follow even crazy ideas of hearts voice in all Constructions.

It’s important to stop thinking all is known. Stop and listen to internal flows.

Be very aware of external non connected coincidental pure chance happenings. Data results show these ideas as near perfect, although they defy any logic.

(My current understanding is that this is contact with the forces of life itself.)

All definite conclusions that are without doubt and nothing more can be understood are never definite and is always more yet not seen.

Test and try unknown ways on the already known.

The most impossible conclusion that has no logic and makes no sense has shown to be where perfection or ultimate truth lives.

(If you need direction, head this way.)

The Solution to all is always staring you in the face.

Open Eyes …. Is solution found?

If No … Close Eyes.



Open Eyes.

(Repeat if necessary.)

(If results are not found with first hour, time may be saved by a routine check for blind to the obvious.)

The above idea although deployed as universal fix doesn’t appear to be in use.

Calculations reveal this idea should be used on all issues, current data is limited to my personal use that shows No Wear and 100% reliable.

Future growth of its use flags it as an idea likely to wear.

Recommend as it becomes more utilized that it is routinely checked for wear and efficiency.

*applies to all current and future systems inc non systems.

High Use Warning Current as No Test Data.

(confirmed 100%.)cropped-img_0142.jpg

Attributes of the Match Bearer

Let it go. Leunig



“The Attributes of the Match Bearer.”

These are the ones who sit in front of me right now and who are reading this message.

There are two areas of concern that you come in with [arrive on the planet]. There are two sets of questions you carry as you sit in the chairs. The first set of questions are all about yourself, as they should be. You ask, “How I can get from A to B and become better at what I’m here for? How I can live longer?” You might ask, “How I can eliminate drama in my life? How I can be healthier?” The second part is, “What am I doing for the planet?” These questions aren’t really something that come in pairs. The second one requires a confluence of energy for old souls who want to know how they can stay longer and do the work that they came for. If you would interview everyone here in the chairs, they would have a different answer for what their work is about. But they wouldn’t be here if they had not asked the second question.

So we’re going to be quite generic and yet fairly specific. We’re going to give you concepts that you haven’t thought of – the reason you are here, old soul. Right now, especially now, the reason you are here is to hold light in dark places. You’re not here to try to evangelize or change any other Human Being to what you believe, for belief is not the issue. The vibration of the planet is the issue. It can only be changed with a consciousness that is pure. It’s not just in what you believe. It is in the being and not the doing. It is being light, for as you walk around with illumination, you change that which is dark.

You might say that you take the new energy where the old energy used to be, and that changes everything around you. That is your entire purpose. So we’re going to be specific here in a moment. We’re going from the big to the little, and the first is this metaphor, even before I start the teaching. Again, dear ones, for the ones in the room and for the ones specifically who are reading this message right now, I see you.

One of the attributes of God is that there is no time. If you are listening at this moment to this recording, or reading this message anywhere, it’s the now. That is how time is for me. It is not just for the souls in front of me, for those old souls in front of me here are in a three-dimensional state on a linear track of time. It’s critical for them to live their lives in a succinct way. But not me. So the potential of your ears hearing this was known to me as something you might do. I know you’re here. I know you’re listening and reading. This may be hard for you to understand, since you might say, “If God cannot tell the future,” you might say, “then Kryon, how did you know I would be listening or reading?” That answer is easy because the potential of your doing so was so strong, I knew you’d do it.


I sit in front of a group of approximately 100 souls. Now, I knew when they made their decision to come. I knew the potentials of them finding out about the meeting. I knew even those who found out yesterday. I knew. For the potentials of this energy is what is in the quantum soup that I have spoken about so often. Not the future, but the potentials. This allows us to bring forward an entourage that is then complimentary of those who sit in the chairs, of the old souls and their lives, of their lessons. It even drives the subject of the channels. We wait for you to come and sit before us, dear ones, way before we really know what we’re going to say and what we’re going to do. So I know you and I thank you for being here. This is your time on the planet.

The Light and Dark Metaphor

Let us begin the teaching. The metaphor has been given over and over. Imagine that there is a room full of entities called humanity who walk around in darkness. So the metaphor here is spiritual darkness. The Humans don’t know who they are or why they are. They have no concept that they are part of the creative energy of God. They follow whatever is given to them and whatever doctrines they learn about when they are young. They find God in whatever corner they can. Some find God profoundly, and some do not. Many go through the motions and never understand any more than the motions.

Seemingly in the dark, they often bump into one another. Some of them bump into another and become angry… a war starts. That’s what happens in the dark when you can’t really see what’s going on apart from what you know about yourself. Therefore, what is always going on is apart from you and is always a mystery. Therefore, there is drama. Therefore, there is conspiracy and mistrust. Being in the dark creates war. Being in the dark creates separation and hatred. Being in the dark creates fear and anxiety.

But now, as the metaphor continues, there is one in the darkness who knows who they are. You might say that the attribute of this person is our Match Bearer. This person bears with them the ability to create light. Small as it might be, this person has a match. In a fully darkened room, one lit match is interesting, for it creates light enough to see dimly for everyone, so that one Match Bearer in that darkened room, on their own, decides to light it. The reason? It’s to study their own spirituality, their own self-worth, to light their match to see themselves better.

So they light it for themselves so that they can take the hand of the Higher-Self and discover who they are. Therefore, they light their match. And in the process of lighting that match, they illuminate (very dimly) the rest of the room. Suddenly, Humans can see one another and they like it! They see family! Fear starts to go away. Understanding what is next to you creates understanding and peacefulness. There’s less distrust. Some actually look for where the light has come from. Many don’t.

The attribute of the light of the Match Bearer is similar to the lighthouse that stands by the sea, which we have given you before. The lighthouse stands alone, all by itself. It shines a light that others may or may not see, that steers them into safe harbors by their own choice, since they have the rudder of choice on their own ship of life. The Match Bearer is sitting with the match, has illuminated it for themselves, yet it affects all around them in a positive way.

The Match Bearer says nothing. Those around this person may not know his/her name. They may not even know she has lit a match! All they know is they can now see! Some of them start looking for the match in themselves and they begin to slowly light their own matches, and the room becomes brighter. The brighter the room becomes, the more is seen and is not a mystery, and the further a Human Being can see past themselves and their immediate family, the more understanding there is, the more peace there is. This is the attribute of the planet as we see it right now.

We have made the statement over and over that less than one half of one percent of the planet must strike the match for there to be peace on Earth. Now you know the reasoning behind that. It means that there could be Human Beings all over the planet who never strike a match, who don’t believe anything that you believe, yet they still participate. They participate in your light.

This is difficult, perhaps, for you to grasp – how one small match would make a difference. But it does. So in this room and listening to me now and reading these words are Match Bearers. How do I know that? Because I know you. Oh, human being. There are warriors in this room; there are stories that would make your hair stand on end. There are heroic actions and joy. There is sorrow beyond belief; there is gratitude. Everything that you can imagine has ever happened to a Human on the planet is here right now. Some of the greatest dramas ever presented on Earth, you participated in. Some of the most heroic actions any Human Being can do for another, you’ve done. Some of the suffering that never should have occurred on the planet, you’ve experienced. Some of the greatest celebrations that the planet has ever seen were about you.

The Variety of the Old Soul Energy

There are men here who have given birth! This is because their gender is different today than it was then. There are women who have worn the battle armor because their gender was different when they wore it. Old souls take turns, you know? Here is something I’m going to tell you now, and I want you to listen because this is a concept you don’t think of often. Humans tend to stay in family groups for a very, very long time through many incarnations. They stay in cultures for a very, very long time as well. Oh, you may move around once you’re born, but you can’t change your blood, can you? You can’t change where you came from no matter where you move to, can you? You may sit in a chair today in America but it can’t change where you’re born. So what I want to talk about is outside the purview of three dimensions. This means it’s outside of your understanding of the way things work, or how you think about your ancestors, relatives, and ancestry in general. It’s different than you perceive how things work. So now we’re going to talk about your parents, your grandparents, and their parents. We’ll go back 100 years or more.

The Timing of the Shift

My partner spoke today of fractal time. He gave you examples of how time is actually in a circle that makes no sense in three dimensions as you perceive it. But it is the way of things in a multidimensional world [using the word quantum to mean that]. Your own science is starting to understand and participate in the belief that time may very well be in a circle and may have what they would call fractals or a predictable cycle of potential influence that occurs on a regular path as you transverse the circle of time. These potentials can be computed, and so they sit there even without those to give them an esoteric prediction, those who have the calendars of old. The calendars reflect the cycle of time.

We have discussed with you that the Mayans had a system in their observatories besides pure astronomy. Like many of the ancients, they used their intuition to develop systems around the calendar that were the esoteric [spiritual] of the study of time fractals and predictions of potentials used even today. We told you that you are in a 36-year window representing the precession of the equinoxes, the center of that time window, which is 2012. We told you this 36-year event is what you have called the 2012 Galactic Alignment energy, and also what you have called The Great Shift. If this is so, this means it was predictable – and many predicted it. Also, if this is so, it means it was expected, and the potentials of the expectations are upon you now.

IMG_0482A Quantum Meeting of Your Own Ancestors

Let me take you to the other side of the veil where there is no time. Remember, we are not in linear 3D on my side. We are in a multidimensional state, which we often call a quantum state, using still another metaphor of real physics that means, “outside of 3D.” On the other side of the veil, I want to tell you about meetings that have taken place and are still taking place. When there is no time, there are only potentials. When there are only potentials, even the past, present, and the now are blurred to you. They are blurred because you have a 3D filter. The future is not known, but the potentials of what you might do are and the strength of the potentials are generated by your consciousness and what happens today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Come with me to the meeting of your parents and grandparents, for they represent souls just like yours. Like you, they are a piece of the God Creator. Even if they never awakened to examine that fact while on Earth, they are NOT on Earth for this meeting. Let’s go to this meeting where they are, even now, right now.

“Wait a minute, Kryon! My parents are still alive. They can’t be in a meeting on the other side of the veil.” For us, they’re still in that meeting, because part of your soul energy is on the other side of the veil all the time, dear one. What do you think your Higher-Self is? It is the energy of your own personal, angelic form. The metaphor we like to give is that one foot is on the other side of the veil all the time, and one foot is in 3D. The entire duality issue and the test of your life is to open the door and see that, and to take the hand of that which is your Higher-Self. Your Higher-Self has been the same Higher-Self every single time you’ve been on Earth, the same one occupying the different Human bodies of your many incarnations. There is a commonality through the ages. Do you see it now? No matter how many past lives you’ve had, no matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been, the same Higher-Self is there. It’s your core. Now, do you start to understand why you would want to connect with it?

Birth of the Match Bearer

Come to this meeting with me, metaphorically, and watch. Your grandparents are there, too. They are looking at everything with the mind of God, which is theirs while they are in the meeting. They’re not in 3D; they’re in that perfect place, which the Creator energy represents beyond anything you can imagine. Although there is no individuality or singularity with the parts of God, and although these in the meeting are part of a collective quantum group, the essence of the potential of who they’ve been and who they will be are still represented there. I don’t ask you to understand this. I just ask you to see it with me. All their past lives are there with them.

Now, in what you call your past, I’m going to tell you what they said:

“We’re coming into the planet. We’re going to be there in a lower energy, and we will try to shine as much light as we can, but it may not be much. We might never awaken,” they’re saying. “Because it’s not time,” they’re saying. “But we see the potential of the Galactic Alignment looming. We see the 36-year window is coming. We may not even be alive.” they say. But they are planning on coming anyway. They are old souls and have something to do: Plant seeds.

“So, why are they coming to the planet while there is an old energy?” you might ask. Here is the answer: They’re coming to the planet – your grandparents, all four of them – so they can give birth to your mom and dad. Now, your mom and dad are also in the meeting as well – and by the way, so are you! So are your children. Do you understand this? You are all part of the collective and parts of you never leave it, even though you are here, walking on Earth. Within that quantum meeting, there is no linear time, only potentials of time. This is tough for a linear thinker to grasp.

Listen: Your grandparents, parents, and you are agreeing as your ancestors speak: “We are going to go through this so the timing is proper that our children will be born in the shift.”They know what the potentials are and they need to make certain that it is YOU who arrived during this time. I could go back even further than your grandparents.

If it’s true that the timing of the shift is known in advance, since it is part of Gaia, and also the cycles of the earth, then it’s a system and not random. This means the planning of the potentials of the souls who occupy your ancestors, as well as you and your children, line up perfectly so that your cellular structure has the bloodline it does and the Akashic records it has. Did you ever think of this? You might even start to realize that you may actually be “old soul specialists,” here at the perfect time.

Let’s again talk of your parents, as we have done before. They may say, “We’re going to come to the planet, meet each other, and give birth to this soul, an old soul [many incarnations on the earth], one of the oldest souls possible, even older souls than our ourselves. We may never awaken. But this is our chore to go into the planet. We can’t hold much light. We may even criticize those we birth. We may even throw them out of the family! We may even abuse them. The old energy may completely hide all of this current divine intent from us, but that’s why we’re going, so that our children will be the ones with the wisdom of the potential of an awakening. They will be The Match Bearers.”

Now, we stop to remind you that there is no predestination. So again, this is a planning meeting of potentials, not contracts. However, Human Beings incarnate into karmic groups, so the attraction and synchronicity often plays out to enhance the overwhelming chances that they will indeed meet each other and come together to birth you.

The Match Bearers, as in the metaphor above, are the ones born in this time who can metaphorically light a match in the old energy darkness and illuminate the planet. Did you ever think of that? Your parents came together on purpose. Oh, I know you’re going to say, “Wait a minute, Kryon, you don’t know my parents. I don’t think they have that consciousness in them.” Maybe not on this side of the veil, dear ones, but do you understand what I’m saying? With the mind of God, they came in saying, “We probably won’t wake up. We won’t remember this planning session or even believe it was possible. The old energy will keep us from seeing. But we’re going to have a child that’s a Match Bearer, a very old incarnate soul on this planet. That’s why we’re here.”

That’s why your grandparents came in and their grandparents came in as they did. The lineage is there for you to see. The potentials are there to see, and you sit in the chair today listening to this channelling because it all worked together, and here you are, Match Bearer.

Attributes of the Match Bearer

Let’s talk about the match that you hold, dear one. I’m speaking to the match bearers who are here, who are reading. Wherever you create light, in any situation through your own individual actions, the energy you create changes the energy of Gaia where you walk. It changes that which is quantum around you. The whole earth knows you. If you awaken, the whole earth knows you have done so. Gaia knows you. You walk into the forest alone with the trees, they know you. The animals know you. God knows you. I know you. It’s why you came. It’s what you’re feeling now that brings you here. It’s why you sit in the chairs, and why you came today.

You might say, “What is different about me? What am I feeling in this lifetime? Why is there a feeling that I have to do something?” Well, wake up, Match Bearer, because this is your destiny. With free choice, you will illuminate your life to the point where all around you know who you are, or at least feel your light.

So let me ask you about your family. I’m going to ask you about your immediate family, your blood family. How are you treating them? There are some who will say, “Well, let’s not bring them into this, because I don’t like them very much.” That’s why the drama circles all the time, dear one. You continue, “I do my best, but I don’t like them very much. But I sure am stellar when I go to New Age meetings. I love everybody there, every one of them.” [Laugher] Yes, but I didn’t ask you that. It’s easy to get along with others like you. It’s because you all have a light! No, I’m talking about you alone in the dark, by yourself. I want to know how you’re treating your family.

Let me tell you how the Match Bearer sees family, immediate family. They look past the abuse; they look past the drama; they look and see what has been done for them. They may even say to Spirit, “Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me life and for knowing on the other side of the veil that I can change the planet. Thank you for what you’ve done in that planning session. No matter what the words have been or the slings and arrows and the abuse and the names I’ve been called, I honor you.” Now, is that you?

You come into relationships; you grow; the relationships sometimes change; you stay in them for a long time; they change again. Now, let’s say there’s drama in that relationship. Remember, this is not a blood relative; it’s an elective. Do you think there is a possibility they were in another meeting? This becomes a bit ponderous to think about, doesn’t it? So how do you see these in this relationship? No matter what the words have been, no matter what the actions were, no matter what the betrayals were, no matter what goes on today, the Match Bearer looks at them and says, “This is a creature of God designed to give me lessons and to push me out of the nest. Maybe the lesson is even to give me a kick in the pants so I can have compassion for the rest of humanity. Thank you, God, for them.” That’s what the Match Bearer says. Can you do that?

The Match Bearer has the light of God, and you may say, “Well, you’re just describing Mother Teresa! I’m not sure I can do any of those things. This is a hard call, Kryon, because you really don’t know what happened in my life… what has gone on with those around me and my family.” Oh, yes, I do. You see, I was there. And by the way, so were all the seeming angels you carry around with you. Why didn’t you take their hands when they had them outstretched? I know who’s here! You always want to do it alone, don’t you? You’d better be listening, my partner, because this is for you, too. You always want to do it alone – all that help that’s around you, yet you always want to do it alone. We know who did what to whom. We were there at every step.


The attributes of the pure Match Bearer are to push love. They have tolerance for every single Human Being who they come into contact with. They assume love is present in every situation. They create light.

I want to tell you about dark and light, yet again. If you’ve got a light lit, darkness cannot invade you. How can darkness, which has no energy at all, be around and invade you when you’re holding the light? Darkness, as defined, is the absence of light. Some Lightworkers have a strange 3D concept that says, “I don’t want to go there because the darkness may get me. I’m very careful where I go. I don’t want to go around these people because they have dark energy.” Why don’t you go there and shine your light in their lives, oh courageous one? Are you only going where there is other light? Do doctors go to work and only see doctors?

How do you treat your family? When you go to work, what goes on there? I can hear the verbiage now: “I’ve got the worst boss in the world. This is one who delights in torturing us with tasks that make no sense at all just to make work for us. This boss doesn’t like the New Age because he happens to believe differently, so he makes fun of it.” You don’t think we know this, dear one? Remember, those in charge don’t always have the wisdom to be in charge. Sometimes they’re egomaniacs. Don’t you think we know this? That’s how they got where they are. So, how do you treat them? Do they continue to push your buttons? Do they do things just to irritate you? Or perhaps you just have one who is always depressed? Therefore, you have to walk in the dark energy all the time at work – or is it lighter because of you?

I want to give you the truth, Match Bearer. If you’re holding light, no darkness or dark energy is going to affect you. You’re going to walk into that place, open the door, and do your work. And while you’re there, you are saying: “Thank you, God, I have a job. Thank you, it’s here for now, because wherever I go, I’m going to make a difference.” Some say it’s impossible to make a difference at work. They again say, “You don’t know my work.” Oh, how 3D of you! You don’t know that the light you carry creates tolerance, appreciation, and love? It creates the ability to share and listen with care. It changes the planet. Some of those around you may eventually come to you with their issues and their problems. You might sit and ask, “I wonder why they want to share it with me?” Perhaps it’s because they intuitively see your light; maybe because they see your tolerance; maybe you’re the only one who will listen to them, and in the process, you share love. In the process of them being next to you, you love them. And maybe it’s the only love they’re going to get that day or that week or that month or even that year, dear Match Bearer.

That’s what you do. It’s one Human at a time with another. The earth changes one Human at a time, and that’s why you came. That’s why your parents saw the potentials of it. Everywhere you walk, every situation you’re in, you have a chance to strike the match. The greater your light, the greater the planet’s light. So now, are you still wondering why you came to the planet?

“Kryon, I’m not a healer, nor an author. I’m not a channeller either. I just go to work, come home, do errands, make the beds, then go to work again. What kind of a life is this?” I’ll tell you, dear one, it’s a Match Bearer’s life! Your lineage asked for you to come and for you to walk on the planet and strike the match, go to work, make the beds, do the errands, and come back home again. That’s why you’re here! I don’t want you to diminish that for a moment, since everywhere you go there is more light because of you.

How do you handle fear and anxiety? What pushes your buttons? What makes you worry? Isn’t it about time to conquer that? What’s happening in your body that’s tested you lately? I don’t just talk to those in the chairs. I talk to my partner. I talk to him all the time. He’s just like you. He walks through life just like you. He has some of the same questions you do, yet he’s the channeller! So I talk to all. I am Kryon. I’ve never been a Human Being. I’m always seemingly standing on the outside. I am in charge, if you want to say, of the information that comes through your guides, which comes through your Higher-Self for the energy of the planet. I was not even allowed here until this shift began, because the planet’s energy was not commensurate with the energy of the information that I now teach. I’ll be here a long time, because the potentials are for the energy to stay and grow and be – all because of the Match Bearers.

What irritates you the most? What buttons get pressed the easiest in you? When you watch the news, when you see politics, when you see certain kinds of attitudes, do you get angry? Think of what makes you the angriest. Now, let me ask you, can you see it in tolerance? Well, that’s what the Match Bearer learns to do.

“I hate war,” you might say, “I don’t want anything to do with it. I hate the sorrow that it creates, the heartbreak that it creates. It seems to perpetuate itself.” I’m not asking you to love war. I’m asking you to love the Humans who created it. They’re pieces of God, just like you. Can you look at these things with tolerance and see the parts of them who are loved by God? If you can do that, then you shine light in their life. It doesn’t matter where they are, and they never may know who you are. It’s just like the lighthouse on the rock. How many ships and the captains of the ships have gone to lunch with a lighthouse keeper? The answer is very few of them. But they look for the lighthouse, don’t they? Well, humanity looks for you! It’s intuitive, and even the darkest energy knows about light.

There are Match Bearers everywhere. Everywhere my partner goes, there are auditoriums filled with Match Bearers. That’s why they’re there. They may not know the particulars, but they feel it inside. These are old souls coming together to participate in an event called, “Planting the Seeds of Peace on Earth.” When this 36-year window [The Galactic Alignment] is over, they will have been planted securely and permanently. The potential will unravel itself and unfold itself and there will be more wild-cards for you to see. Wild-card is the term we use to describe actions that are not expected, and that change things on the planet. It is often expressed as countries who have unexpected turns, or dictators who unexpectedly fall. A wild-card is a scenario where humanity starts to put things together instead of tearing them apart.

This is the potential we saw 22 years ago and it is the potential we continue to see today. You’re still on track. Nothing has derailed it and you still have free choice. It’s not a given, and it’s not a set future. Instead, it is the strongest potential that we see in this quantum soup of many potentials – yet we still see it. It is building upon itself, and there is evidence that is manifesting everywhere, and the Match Bearers continue to light their matches.

When we opened this seminar this morning with a short channel, we invited those who would build a wall between me and them through self-doubt, and through skepticism, to let me in for a little while. Now I give you the opportunity to put the wall back. If you came here and you don’t want any part of this metaphysical talk and you’re not ready, then it is your safety net to put the wall back. I know that and I say to you, “Put it back,” because you’re not ready. We are not here to force anything upon you. We don’t want you to leave with an energy you don’t want. This message is for those Match Bearers who feel it is appropriate and timely. But I want to give you a fact: You will never forget what you heard today. There is no “delete” button in the Human brain.

The match doesn’t go away, either. The old soul carries it as long as they need to. Your children will carry it as well. So this is the truth of it, and it is a beautiful plan. Again, less than one half of one percent of this Human population must light the match for all this to take place, and it’s slowly happening. That’s not that many of you. So let the matches be lit this day in whatever degree. Some day you’ll realize that to have a fully lit match, there must be many lit in many places, not just one. That’s why there are so many Lightworkers all around the earth. You’ll never meet them, but you all know each other in a quantum way.

So that is the message of this day for you. For the listener and reader, it is the message of Kryon. It always has been and always will be. It becomes more succinct and clearer as the energy increases and allows for these things to be said and mentioned and taught.

Grateful, I am, as Kryon, to have come this distance to meet the Match Bearers that I always knew would be here. And so it is.

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Lee Carroll – After graduating with a business and economics degree from California Western University, Lee started a technical audio business in San Diego that flourished for 30 years.  In 1989, Lee began channeling Kryon and sharing the information with the world.  He has now published over 16 metaphysical books with over a million copies in print in twenty-four languages.  He also travels the world giving seminars.  His website is: .